What is happening in Ms. Aboujaudi’s French classes?

In Kindergarten, pupils focused on Autumn colors and presented the theme through the Birch tree project. They also recognized the presence of the Birch tree in the Russian forests.

In grade one, pupils presented their unique identity through the “Enfants de tous Pays” project. They are so proud to post their own flags on the bulletin board.

Grade 2 pupils were so busy telling their ages and their birthday dates.

Grade 3 students were thinking about their Birthday parties. And they learned how to write an invitation to their parties with all the details and in French!

Grade 4 students are internationally minded, they want to make friends from all over the world. They wrote letters to their pen pals at Vientiane International school and they got the responses. Now they are writing to their pen pals at the Lycée Français of Moscow. They had a Skype session with Vientiane International school and interviewed Monsieur Chiaperon, the French teacher, using the formal way of questioning in French. And more and more authentic activities beyond the classroom are waiting for our fourth graders in French class.
Interview avec Monsieur Chiaperon

Grade 5 students created imaginary families and gave information to present these families. Now they are focusing on their families preferences and customs and traditions.

La Classe de Français c’est amusant!