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First Updates

Dear Pre-K Parents,

We have reached the end of our second week of school, and the children are settling in beautifully. Students are getting used to transitions, sitting on a carpet at circle time, cleaning up and sharing toys and materials with others.

While working on our Pre-K norms of behavior (The Pre-K agreement) we decided that everyone has a right for FUN and LOVE in school. Therefore, we all agreed on giving Deep Fun and Deep Love to friends.

Deep Fun is when you play together and share and it is fun for everyone. Cheap Fun (the one we don’t like) is when people grab toys from each other; when you have fun but the other person isn’t (someone falls down or makes a mistake  and you laugh).

Deep Love – is being kind to your friends, inviting everyone to play with you and love the person for who they are. Cheap Love-Telling someone they can’t play with you, they are not your friend or they can only be your friends if they give you something.

Please, let your child explain the concepts at home and practice with his/her siblings.

Important Info:

Full days  – Classes are open at 8:25 (9:10 on Wednesday) and Dismissal is at 3:20-25

Lunch –  Please follow the link send by the ES office to order lunches for your child for the upcoming week.

Quiet time Gear – please send in a small blanket and a small pillow for your child to feel comfortable (if you haven’t done so yet). If your child wants to have a small special sleeping buddy to keep in class you are welcome to send it in as well.

Extra Clothes – Please make sure you send a set of extra clothes to school. (Including socks and underwear!!!)

Labeling – Please label all the clothing items your child wears/brings to school. It is impossible to keep track of uniformed pieces 🙂

Next week starts with DAY 4

Wednesday (DAY 6) First Forest Walk starts this week –  please make sure to check the weather in the morning and dress your child accordingly. We would suggest wearing long pants and high socks on the day to make it easier to protect your child from ticks, mosquitoes and stinging-nettle. Rain boots are advised for those students who like to play in the mud 🙂

It’s been a great start of the year full of learning!

Have a great weekend,

The Pre-K Team

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Dear Parents of 2019-20 Kindergarten Students,

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Best wishes for the new school year,

The Pre-K Team


Dear Parents,

On Tuesday, June 11th, if the weather permits, we are going to take the children camping in the forest!  This is a whole day spent out in the woods, walking to new spaces in the forest and making the fire if we a lucky to get to a spot where we are allowed to, learning how to set up a tent and spending ‘quiet time’ inside with our friends, even though I know it will never be quiet!

Children will need to have snacks and lunches packed for the forest, water bottle and appropriate clothing. If you’ve ordered school lunches already we will cancel them for you… so don’t worry.

Friday, June 14th is Sports day!  Please dress the children with hats and put on sun cream.  The children will be outside for a couple of hours in the morning.

Our Pre-K Party will be held Tuesday, June 18th in the forest.

Thursday, June 20th is the last day at school.  This is only a half day with dismissal at noon. You are welcome to come to the end of year closing ceremony held in the North Gym starting at 11:00.  Your child can be picked up from our classroom at 12:00.

We would like to finish the year as a full class, although if your child will be leaving school early for holidays, please let us know so that we can be sure to send home his/her portfolio and all other things.
Let me know if you have any questions!
Hope you are all well,

Support Staff Appreciation Lunch

Dear Families,

On Thursday, June 13th, the Elementary School will host our annual Support Staff Appreciation Lunch to show thanks to those in our community whose important work often occurs behind the scenes. The guests of this lunch are not teachers. They are employees of AAS who support our efforts in the classroom, from the drivers who bring your children to school, to the cleaning staff who ensure the school is neat and tidy.

The success of this event is directly dependent on the food donations from each family at each grade level, but a little donation by all will send a big message to our support staff. Below is a list of classes and food items each family is asked to bring. Each food contribution should serve 6-8 portions. Please label your serving dishes (each part) and utensils so we can ensure they are returned to you.

Class and Item:

  • Pre-Kindergarten – Individually wrapped chocolates
  • Kindergarten – Fresh Bread such as rolls, buns or baguettes
  • Grade 1 – Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes Pastries
  • Grade 2 – Savories (for example spring rolls or other finger-foods)
  • Grade 3 – Sliced Fresh Fruits Vegetable plates and dip
  • Grade 4 – Salads: Pasta, Garden, Greek, Potato, Coleslaw or other
  • Grade 5 – Sliced cheeses or meats (deli style)

Please bring the above items on the morning of June 13th, with the exception of Pre-K who can bring any time from June 10-13th. .

Warm regards,

Laurie Bartels

Playground Closure

Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce that our playground will be remodeled over the summer. Much of the current equipment and the play surface will be replaced. The school is working with a reputable company that complies with safety standards.

In order for the playground to be complete in time for the new school year, we will need to close the current playground on June 1. Barriers will be constructed to keep children away from the work that will be happening in June and throughout the summer. The barriers will allow for a safe passage from the bridge to the school entrance nearest the kinder classrooms.

From June 1 to the end of the school year, students that arrive to school in the morning should go to the field for supervision. Please leave the backpacks in the classroom and then walk your child down to the field. We will pick the children up at the field at 8:25 (9:10 on Wednesday). On a rainy morning Pre-K students go to the Discovery Room.

Please note that we do not have supervision available for children before 8:00 on each day except Wednesdays. On Wednesdays we do not have supervision available before 8:45. If children arrive early, they need to be supervised by a responsible adult.

We are so excited for our new playground and the opportunities that it will offer all of our students!

Exploring and Discovering in Nature…

Dear Families of Pre-K,
Our new unit is an inquiry into our connection with nature and our responsibilities towards it.  Over the next few weeks, the pre-k children will be split into 4 groups according to their interests, and will head out into the forest one group at a time for a week.  This will be a focused time for the children to explore and continue to develop a connection to the natural world around them.  
On the week that your child is assigned, he/she will head out on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at8:30 and stay until 10:00, bringing morning snack out into the woods.  Please pack snack items that will not create a lot of rubbish and is easy to carry and have the children dressed for the weather.  We will be going out, rain or shine!  Rainy days are the best for finding worm, slugs, and other creatures!
Week One: April 29 – May 3
PKGK – Patrick, Anver, Sebastian, Maria, Mariam
PKRM – Taya, Mateo
PKTA – Brayden, Katya D.
Week Two:  May 13 – May 17
PKGK – Nika, Victor
PKRM – Charlie, Emma, Ben
PKTA – Jasmin, Katya K, Safia, Stefan
Week Three:  May 27 – May 31
PKGK – Lucas
PKRM – Anastasia, Yuna, Alisher, Mark R, Georg
PKTA – Mark W, Amir
Week Four:  June 3 – June 7
PKGK – Olivia, Sandra, Louisa, Marili
PKRM – Esther, Xiyuan
PKTA – Mila, Una
Looking forward to our time in the woods!
Pre-K Team

Student-Led Conferences


Hello everyone!

We just wanted to send out a note to remind you about Student-Led conferences tomorrow, and to tell you a bit about the process so you know what to expect.

You and your child will arrive and your child will become your tour guide.  Please let your child take the lead and he/she will take you through stations that have been chosen and you will be taught how to ‘play’ there.  All three classes are open for you to travel through. The entire Pre-K space is your child’s learning space, so you are welcome to visit all our classrooms.

Please ask them a lot of quality questions.  Ask them about what they THINK about when they are doing the activities.  Ask them how they KNOW that.  Wonder about how they FELT.  Don’t give them the answer or show them what you can do – let them be your teacher – act as if you are not sure.  Question them and let them take the lead.  Really listen to them.  Some of the children will zoom through their portfolios – slow them down and ask them to relax.

Please take the time to visit the Arts room down the Kindergarten hallway, the gym to see what they learn in PE, and head up to the 4th floor to see the Russian Culture classes and our SEN educator Ms. Doak in 4067.  We will be there in and around the room if you need us, but the student-led conference is really about time for you to listen to your child.  If you have any concerns about your child’s learning, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we can make a time to chat about it on a different day.   

You will be given a ‘See-Think-Wonder’ reflection sheet and a pen.  This is an opportunity for you to share your thinking about your child’s learning.  We will have an example of this thinking routine to help you know how to do this.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Pre-K Team


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