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The Celebration of Learning


The costumes have been created, the shadow puppets made, the clay has been animated!  It is time to put on our show!!!


We would like to invite you to our Celebration of Learning, here in our Pre-K classrooms, on Friday, March 6th, at 1:30 am.



Since November, we have been learning to make and tell stories.  The children have been inspired to create their own stories and want to share them with their loved ones – YOU!







At the beginning of our unit, children were split into six learning groups.  They rotated through the classrooms learning the various skills needed to create their own stories.



Then, they had free reign over all the classrooms to play and experiment, returning to the spaces where they could put their new storytelling skills into practice.



Finally, after observing and listening to the children during play, the educators split them up into storytelling groups (according to their interests) and supported them to make their final products:  stories that they can share and tell to you!


We hope you all can make it!  Please feel free to bring your child’s siblings along, and any other family members that would take pride in your child’s learning.  The videos that have been made will be put up on our website after the Celebration of Learning so that friends and family from afar will be able to see the work.


We hope to see you on Friday, March 6th!

The Pre-K Team


Ice-Skating note from the ES PE Team

Dear Parents,

There is no ice skating during PE for the next two weeks, possibly longer. Instead we will be having normal PE classes for now. Moscow’s weather is unfortunately not cooperating with us and we have no ice for ice skating.  For the crew to create the ice rink it needs to get to a certain temperature for a several days in a row.  When we have more information about ice skating we will send this information out.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the elementary PE team. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Fingers crossed we get some cold weather here shortly!


The ES PE Team

Todd Wohlberg, Nathan Weaver and Jenny Collins


ES Ice Skating Information and Schedule

Starts right after the Winter Break on January 13


All ES students ice skate (Pre-k through grade 5) 


During both of your PE classes in a cycle: 

Day 1 and Day 5 at 14:30-15:15 


(Please have your child’s name on all skating clothing)
Ice Skates Easily put on by themselves, fit, sharpened (prefer Non Lacing PreK – Grade 2)
Snow pants
Winter coat
Winter Gloves

Hood on coat (for under helmet, no Hats)
Strong non-tear bag for skates, the school store sells ice-skate bags in PTO store
• Piece of cloth or small towel to dry metal blades clean after skating

Parents needed to volunteer for helping Pre-K to 2nd grade students in skating lessons.

Please click on the link below if you can help:

Ice Skate Lacing Help Sign Up 

• A helmet with face-guard  (NO bicycle helmet or helmets without a face guard) Students may bring their own ice hockey helmets with face guards.

SKATE TRY ON DURING PE: December 11th-18th (Students bring skates to school and put them on by themselves!)

INFO FOR NEW STUDENTS:                                                        

PreK Classes 14:30-15:15:


  • January 16, 20, 24, 28


  • February 3

Have a great Skating Season,

The Pre-K Team

3-Way Conferences this Thursday, November 28

Dear Parents,

On Thursday, November 28th we will be conducting Three-Way Conferences. A Three-Way Conference is when the student, teacher, and parents are present and the student shares, shows, and reflects on his/her learning journey. The student is the center of such a conference so his or her attendance is mandatory. Students are expected to wear their formal school uniforms this day.


As you prepare to come on Thursday to listen to your child share about his/her learning, here are some suggestions of questions to ask your child in order to better understand their thinking. 

Conference questions:

  • What is your favorite way to learn?
  • What makes you happiest at school?
  • What is a challenge for you?  Why?
  • What are your goals this year?
  • How can I help you achieve your goals?
  • What would you like to learn that you do not already know?
  • What do you want to improve or get better at?

The PE, Music, Russian Culture and ESOL teachers will be available throughout the day on a drop-in basis. Please plan to go to their individual classrooms or offices.


 The Pre-K Team

How We Express Ourselves

It’s the magic time of Storytelling in Pre-K! We are starting our “How We Express Ourselves” Unit of Inquiry in which students will be thinking about different ways to express ideas through stories and showing their creativity.

Central Idea: Stories can be expressed and interpreted in many ways.

Lines of Inquiry that will define the scope of our inquiry into the central idea:

  • Ways stories are expressed
  • Ways people respond to and retell stories
  • Creating and expressing our own stories

 All throughout this unit, we are discussing and exploring various means of storytelling. Through Guided Inquiry students are investigating what the creators need to think about while crafting a story. During the Open Inquiry time, students are learning different ways of storytelling and special skills required for those.

Each student is a member of a learning group exploring the different storytelling spaces created for them in our Pre-K classrooms:

  • Drama area with a stage and costumes
  • Puppet theatre
  • Green Screen studio
  • Animation Studio
  • Book Making and Publishing areas
  • Art Studio


Teachers are thrilled to see how much thinking is happening through play in those areas!

Ways you can help at home:

  • Help your child notice the different ways we share and tell stories at home or during family day trips (theatre visits, gallery walks,camping…). Take pictures or draw them and encourage your child to share his/her understanding in class.
  • Read books or watch movies and talk about who the characters are, in what setting the story takes place,  and what problem the characters are trying to solve.
  • Please speak with your child’s teacher if you would like to come in and share a story with the class. Maybe you have a favorite book you’d like to read to students.  Maybe you have a way of sharing stories that other children may not have experienced – something specific to your culture.
  • Create stories with your child at home during play time!

Happy storytelling!

The Pre-K Team

Partner Play

Dear Parents,

To help our students become lifelong learners Pre-K educators strive to create a collaborative learning community in which their social and thinking skills can grow. Partner play is a natural tool that children can use to build their resilience and coping skills, practice leadership and self-advocacy as they learn to navigate relationships and deal with social challenges.

To promote closer interaction and peer engagement once in a while we decide to assign partners for Open Inquiry Time. During the first experience the goal was to find new friends, try new learning spaces as well as practice negotiation and conflict resolution. Our “Magic Bowl” gave us the pairs and the students were asked to stay with their “magic” partner throughout the inquiry time and explore together.

This is when the magic began!

Some students were over excited to have a partner – a new friend to play with. Some others had to take a risk and find a way to cooperate with a new friend.

A lot of students tried something new for the first time in Pre-K: like card making (because the partner has dragged you here…) or building in the Red room…

The range of reflections was very wide, although overall very positive:

“I like having a new friend.”

“I’ve found a new friend and she is great to play with.”

“I like to be with a partner because you never alone.”

“If it is not everyday, it is good.”

“I wait and wait she eat”

“It was so-so because my partner wanted to play in one place for too long.”

” I tried new.”

“I didn’t like building and then I liked it. I’ll go there again tomorrow.”

The second time students had to play with a partner the “Magic Bowl” made a different choice. This time most pares had partners that have a lot in common. The challenge was in the play options the students had. All the learning engagements were designed to force children cooperation and social language, forge connection and trust.

Now children are looking forward for partner-play opportunities. They are more open to play with new friends and try new learning experiences.

Enjoy learning with your child,

The Pre-K Team


AAS Birthday Celebration

Dear Parents,

Today’s forest walk was dedicated to our school. As we all know, everyone likes to receive presents, especially on your birthday!

Students decided to bring some Birthday gifts from the forest. So the Hunt begins…

Video or some pictures here


Just artifacts were not good enough, so the students decided to make them look like real presents:


You can find more pictures from the experience in the Google Photo Albums


Enjoy your weekend,

The Pre-K Team


Dear Parents,

We hope you had an amazing long weekend! There is nothing more important than spending valuable time with your child.

This week is going to be full of excitement, challenges and learning as usual! Plus we are celebrating The School’s Birthday  this week!

On Monday students were showing Deep Love to their play partner. It was a challenging experience as at some stations you had to rely on your partner completely and the whole experience made children be more aware of their friend’s needs and become better Communicators. More about this experience will follow  in the next post.

On Wednesday  students are treated with  a play by The Eco Theatre. It will make us consider our relationship with nature and make us grow as Principled Thinkers.

This Saturday October 12th the PTO is holding The PTO Elementary School Craft Fair, from 12:00-3:00 pm in the South Cafeteria and Student Lounge.  This is always a very popular event for our ES students, who get the opportunity to make lots of different crafts in one afternoon and practice Creativity.  We invite all ES families to attend.        In addition, the Craft Fair is a volunteer-run even and the PTO is still looking for parents to assist on the day.  No experience or crafting abilities are needed!  Hoping you can support this event, our PTO and our Community at AAS, by signing up being a volunteer. Here is the link to sign up: 

And of course it will be much more learning in between, just check the Google Photos Page!

Yours in Learning,

The Pre-K Team

P.S Don’t forget it’s PINKtober this month. Every Wednesday is a “wear pink” day!

A couple of minutes in the forest

Dear Parents,

The Forest walk was so much fun yesterday! Thank you for getting your kids well equipped and letting them have some messy exploration!

Check this video… What learning do you see is happening?

While you are throwing your child’s outdoor clothes into the washing machine (thank you) have a sit, put your feet up, and read this article from the New York Times about why dirt is so good for your child!

A Little Dirt is Good For You – New York Times

Have a Great Weekend and spend some time in Nature,

The Pre-K Team

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