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Forest is a Learning Environment

Weekly Forest Walks are part of our Play-based Program. How do children benefit from going to the forest? 

Recent research studies illustrate that using the outdoors as a learning resource is highly beneficial for physical, mental, social and emotional development in children, young people and adults:

 Educators proposed several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Environmental Awareness
  • Increased Risk-Taking Skills
  • Better Self-Regulation Skills
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Increased Confidence
  • Advanced Gross Motor Skills 
  • Increased Imaginative Play 
  • Greater Resiliency

Nature plays a big part in a young learners development. As they explore they are deepening their relationship with nature and learning from the world around them. Children need real life, first hand experiences. They are observers and explorers by nature and develop an understanding of themselves and the environment they are in. Frequent, unstructured childhood play in natural settings has been found to be the most common influence on the development of life-long conservation values.

Enjoy our Forest Exploration Video:

Yours in Learning,

The Pre-K Team

Goal Setting Conference

Dear Pre-K Parents,

In preparation for the student goal-setting conferences, we would like to ask you to do some “homework”. Please set aside some uninterrupted time over the weekend to sit down and talk with your child about the following questions:

  1. What are some things you do well at school?
  2. What are one or two things you would like to do better?

When brainstorming ideas of things to improve, please remember that general literacy and math goals will be a focus for the entire class throughout the year. Try to think of areas we can work on together to support your child’s social and emotional development.

In your child’s backpack you will find a page for making notes of your conversation. Please return it to school by Monday September 21st. This will enable us to better formulate appropriate goals with your child which we will share with you during the conference.

Thank you in advance for taking an active part in your child’s learning,

The Pre-K Team

News from the Library

Dear Parents,

As we are cruising through our second week of on campus learning, new opportunities open up.

Look at what our brilliant Librarians came up with!

Please visit Kris and K’s “digital libraries.

K is in a forest and Kris is in a meditation room, and we are bringing all the links.

Click around to enjoy.

Curbside Library is here!

What does “curbside library” mean?

Parents and High School Students can request books for pick up from the AAS library.

These curbside days will replace our upcoming Saturday open days.

Our next Library Saturday is Saturday, September 19!

How does it work?

  1. Request some books that you would like on our handy form.
  2. Wait for the “You’ve Got Books” email.
  3. Come to school on the days we have indicated in the emails.
  4. Drive to school (or walk, or taxi, or bus) with your badge to come to the Main Gate.
  5. Give your name to the librarians and pick up what you’ve requested.
  6. Return any books that you’ve finished.
  7. Enjoy your books at home!

We look forward to helping you out!

Please email if you have any questions.

You are encouraged to read with our child every day. You can also browse adult books for yourselves to enjoy. Get your kids love reading by following your example!

The Pre-K Team

Who We Are

Dear Parents,

Pre-K is beginning our first unit in which students will inquire into how people in a community discover and learn, make choices, and develop independence.  This unit will last for the entire school year.


Through literature and learning engagements in the classroom, educators will be guiding each child’s inquiry into:

  • How we discover and learn
  • How can we develop independence as learners
  • How we learn together as a community

How can you help your child?

  1. Please send a family photo via email to your child’s teacher as soon as you can! It would be nice if you can also include a little blurb about your family traditions. Thank you in advance.
  2. Help your child to become aware of his or her new capabilities – helping them to see how they have grown and what they can now do, that they couldn’t do before.
  3. Encourage your child to ‘keep trying’ when they find something difficult to do, promoting independence and new skills – we work at our learning.
  4. Share any stories with your child of times that you have learned something new – demonstrating that you have flexible thinking and resilience.
  5. Keep discussing your child’s learning engagements in class using Google Photos shared by your teacher.  

We look forward to continued work together with you and your child throughout this unit!

Yours in learning,

The Pre-K Team


Unsubscription to the Blog

Dear Parents of 2020-21 Kindergarten Students,

If you are subscribed to our Pre-K Blog, you will have received this post as a message in an email. You may now be considering whether or not you want to continue to receive emails from the Pre-K Team. As you  no longer have a Pre-K child, you might decide not to. If so, simply scroll down to the bottom of this email and click on the link to “Unsubscribe.”

It looks something like this:

Unsubscribe to no longer receive posts from Pre-K.
Change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions.

Best wishes for the new school year,

The Pre-K Team

The Closure of Distance Learning

Dear Parents,

We can’t thank you enough for your support and trust this year! Thank you for helping us make Distance Learning a valuable experience for our students.

Have a wonderful Spring Break. Please refer to the email from the ES Office to find a link to the Independent Learning Extensions (ILE) Slide Deck. We’ve also put the link to the ILE Slides on our Pre-K Distance Learning for Families Document.
Enjoy your family time!

Goodbye Pre-K Video

Your’s in Learning

The Pre-K Team



Sharing The Planet – Unit of Inquiry

Dear Parents,

For the next 4 weeks we will focus on our Sharing The Planet Unit. We will continue to inquire into our connection with nature and our responsibilities towards it.  

Central idea :  People discover and learn through nature.

Lines of Inquiry that will define the scope of our inquiry into the central idea:

– what nature is.

– responsibilities we have towards nature

Learner Profile Attributes: Inquirers, Caring

Our Approach to learning will focus on observing nature and recording the changes we notice. Students will be encouraged to use all senses to find and notice relevant details and record their observations by drawing and note taking.

Our Distance Learning Reality limits our Nature exploration experiences but gives our students a sense of importance of nature in our lives.  

We will also continue to have a lense of Systems Thinking while exploring our relationships with nature.

Students’ Learning Goals: 

  • I can state why an object is nature or not and explain my thinking
  • I can spot systems in nature
  • I can name ways nature helps me
  • I can name ways I help nature
  • I can name responsibilities I have towards my pet/plant

Ways you can help:

  • Let your child build his/her own theory of what nature is.
  • If possible spend some time outside exploring nature with your child.
  • Let your child have responsibilities towards a pet or a plant at home.
  • Watch the Eagles with your child and talk about what he/she notices.

Explore through Nature!

Yours in Learning,

The Pre-K Team

How We Organize Ourselves – Systems

Dear Pre-K Parents,

We have begun our new unit of inquiry. The following information will allow you to support your child’s learning and understanding.

We are inquiring into the following:

Transdisciplinary Theme: How we organize ourselves

An inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made systems

Central Idea: Deconstructing and constructing systems helps us understand their complexity.

Lines of Inquiry that will define the scope of our inquiry into the central idea:

  • systems and their parts
  • exploring the complexities of systems

Learner Profile Attributes: Inquirers, Thinkers

Our Approach to learning will focus on data gathering and recording.Students will be encouraged to use all senses to find and notice relevant details and record their observations by drawing, note taking.

Our Distance Learning Reality gives our students an authentic experience of applying skills and knowledge they’ve gained in school to unfamiliar situations. They are challenged (as well as parents and teachers) to adopt to a new System of Learning through technology. 

Students’ Learning Goals: 

  • I can identify systems
  • I can name the parts of the system and how they are connected
  • I can name people who are part of a system
  • I can empathize

Ways you can help:

  • Be on the lookout for systems with your child around your home or while you are out and about. They are all around us and will be exciting for your child to begin noticing with a keen eye! Ask your child why they think something is a system. What are the parts of a system? How are parts connected?Who are people connected to the system?
  • Organize a Curiosity Workshop for your young learner at home. Let your child use some tools to deconstruct and construct different systems. Let your child be creative and explore the possibilities of being a Maker. For inspiration on this one watch a video of a former Yearly Years AAS teacher Amber Taylor

Enjoy exploring and creating with your child!

Yours in learning,

The Pre-K Team

Distance Learning Portfolio Conference

Dear Parents,

Today Friday, March 26th you are invited to experience a Distance Learning Portfolio Conference with your child.

Your child has brought home his/her Portfolio in a Big Blue Plastic Folder. Take some time to look through it with your child and help your child reflect on his/her growth.

You can help them talk about their earning artifact by asking questions like: 

Why do you want to share this piece with me?

Why is it important for you?

What were you thinking about while working on it?

How did you know how to do this?

Who else liked to do it with you?


Help your child feel proud of their growth. Compare the pieces from the beginning of the year to the work they were doing in February.

 Please use the Google Photo Album as your child’s Digital Portfolio to reflect on this week of Distance Learning.

 Some questions that might help you prompt your child to talk: 

What went well?

What can you do well while learning on the computer?

What do you like about Distance Learning?

What can you do on your own for Distance Learning?

What do you need help with?

Please set aside some uninterrupted time today or over the weekend to sit down and talk with your child about his/her goals for the next weeks to come. When brainstorming ideas of things to improve, try to think of areas that will help your whole family enjoy the Distance Learning experience and will support your child’s social and emotional development.

Some examples of Goals might be (not limited to!)

  be done with at least one assignment per day without any help, 

  clean up after I’m finished with my work

  comment on my friends’ pictures

  help my mom with setting and cleaning up the table for all meals

  Do not interrupt my brother/sister when they work on the computer

  Learn how to mute and unmute myself

  Listen to my friends during Meet

  Be dressed and prepared for the Meet

  Share my thinking during the Meets


You can use the “My Distance Learning Goal” slide from today’s presentation to help your child organize his/her thoughts about how to reach his/her goals. (If you have a possibility to print, you can just print the slide; if not  – draw it on a piece of paper.) 

It would be nice if you can take a picture of your child’s Distance Learning Goal paper and upload it into your child’s private Google Album. This way teachers would be able to see how we can help your child reach the goal.

We would also kindly ask you to fill out a short questionnaire for Grownups for us to have parents’ feedback on the Distance Learning process. Please follow the link to fill out a Survey

Thank you in advance for all the support you give your child and us during this New Distance School experience.

Yours in Learning,

The Pre-K Team

Welcome to Distance Learning

Dear Parents,

Our First Day of Distance Learning was a Great Success! We loved to see the kids being engaged and ready to learn.

Special thank you to you for helping your child with Tech! Your help is essential to make our Life Google Meet sessions a learning success.

Ways to help:

  • Revise the Google Meet Etiquette with your child tomorrow. Google Meet infographic
  • Help your child find a quiet spot in the house, as free of distractions as possible, for the live sessions. Use of headphones is highly encouraged. 
  • Stick to the time for your child to join the Meeting not to interrupt the other meetings.
  • This week they might need your help at first with following our established Meeting Agreements which include:

– Being dressed appropriately for learning, 

– Taking turns talking, 

– Using non-verbal hand signals and practicing muting and unmuting their microphone 

– Leaving the Meeting at the end of their time. 

Please remember that all Google Meet sessions will be recorded!

We expect for this to be a bit tricky at first, but are confident that our students will learn this new way of communicating with each other quickly.

Thank you so very much for working with your child, diligently and patiently to ensure that children have a positive and quality learning experience for the next six weeks.

Thank you for all your support! 

 The Pre-k Team

Happy Learning!!!

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