During our Systems unit we offer children the opportunity to use real tools alongside grownups.

The first hand real play experience has so many benefits including:

·         Encouraging children to play and explore

·         Allowing them to actively learn

·         Giving the opportunity to critically think and create

·         Children can begin risk assessing themselves

·         Giving children responsibility and independence

·         Showing children you trust them

·         Great for motor skills

·         Supporting communication and language development

·         Promoting hand eye coordination

·         Encouraging children to learn self-control

·         Great for problem-solving opportunities

·         Gives real hand experiences

Overall it promotes development in all areas of the Early Years Development.

There are many more benefits and importantly children find using real tools fun and exciting.

If you would like to do some further reading, you might enjoy looking at this article from One Hundred Toys.

If you are curious of how it looks like in your child’s class, enjoy the video from PK at AAS! It will take you through the whole process of creating a project: from watching the Safety Tool Talks and trying tools out to planning and implementing own ideas into a project.

Your in Learning,

The Pre-K Team