Dear Pre-K Parents,

We have begun our new unit of inquiry. The following information will allow you to support your child’s learning and understanding.

We are inquiring into the following:

Transdisciplinary Theme: How we organize ourselves

An inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made systems

Central Idea: Deconstructing and constructing objects and systems helps us understand their complexities.

Lines of Inquiry that will define the scope of our inquiry into the central idea:

  • connections between systems, objects and their parts
  • deconstructing and constructing systems and object
  • Exploring the interconnectedness of parts in a system
  • Evaluating and creating systems in our community

Learner Profile Attributes: Inquirers, Thinkers

Our Approach to learning will focus on looking closely at objects to explore the complexity, data gathering and recording. Students will be encouraged to use all senses to find and notice relevant details and record their observations by drawing and note taking.

We will start looking at objects and their parts, investigating the interactions between the various parts and how they make it work. We will also focus on the Tech systems we use to connect with each other during Distance Learning.

The next step will be to see the connections between the objects as parts of systems. Then we will be focusing on people involved within the systems, their feelings and their role in the system.

Students’ Learning Goals: 

  • I can identify systems
  • I can take a system apart
  • I can name the parts of the system and how they are connected
  • I can name people who are part of a system
  • I can empathize
  • I can suggest an improvement to a system
  • I can make a system better

Ways you can help:

  • Practice “Looking Closely” routine with your child. When your child is observing something guide them to notice nuances and details. Ask how the 5 senses help him/her know more about the object. Look for tiny details… How does it smell? How does it feel? What is the object made out of? Does it have any parts? How are the parts connected?
  • Be on the lookout for systems with your child around your home or while you are out and about. They are all around us and will be exciting for your child to begin noticing with a keen eye! Ask your child why they think something is a system. What are the parts of a system? How are the parts connected? Who are people connected to the system?
  • Organize a Curiosity Workshop for your young learner at home. Let your child use some tools to deconstruct and construct different systems. Let your child be creative and explore the possibilities of being a Maker. For inspiration on this one watch a video of a former Yearly Years AAS teacher Amber Taylor:

Enjoy exploring and creating with your child!

Yours in learning,

The Pre-K Team