Dear Parents,

As we are cruising through our second week of on campus learning, new opportunities open up.

Look at what our brilliant Librarians came up with!

Please visit Kris and K’s “digital libraries.

K is in a forest and Kris is in a meditation room, and we are bringing all the links.

Click around to enjoy.

Curbside Library is here!

What does “curbside library” mean?

Parents and High School Students can request books for pick up from the AAS library.

These curbside days will replace our upcoming Saturday open days.

Our next Library Saturday is Saturday, September 19!

How does it work?

  1. Request some books that you would like on our handy form.
  2. Wait for the “You’ve Got Books” email.
  3. Come to school on the days we have indicated in the emails.
  4. Drive to school (or walk, or taxi, or bus) with your badge to come to the Main Gate.
  5. Give your name to the librarians and pick up what you’ve requested.
  6. Return any books that you’ve finished.
  7. Enjoy your books at home!

We look forward to helping you out!

Please email if you have any questions.

You are encouraged to read with our child every day. You can also browse adult books for yourselves to enjoy. Get your kids love reading by following your example!

The Pre-K Team