Dear Parents,

Today Friday, March 26th you are invited to experience a Distance Learning Portfolio Conference with your child.

Your child has brought home his/her Portfolio in a Big Blue Plastic Folder. Take some time to look through it with your child and help your child reflect on his/her growth.

You can help them talk about their earning artifact by asking questions like: 

Why do you want to share this piece with me?

Why is it important for you?

What were you thinking about while working on it?

How did you know how to do this?

Who else liked to do it with you?


Help your child feel proud of their growth. Compare the pieces from the beginning of the year to the work they were doing in February.

 Please use the Google Photo Album as your child’s Digital Portfolio to reflect on this week of Distance Learning.

 Some questions that might help you prompt your child to talk: 

What went well?

What can you do well while learning on the computer?

What do you like about Distance Learning?

What can you do on your own for Distance Learning?

What do you need help with?

Please set aside some uninterrupted time today or over the weekend to sit down and talk with your child about his/her goals for the next weeks to come. When brainstorming ideas of things to improve, try to think of areas that will help your whole family enjoy the Distance Learning experience and will support your child’s social and emotional development.

Some examples of Goals might be (not limited to!)

  be done with at least one assignment per day without any help, 

  clean up after I’m finished with my work

  comment on my friends’ pictures

  help my mom with setting and cleaning up the table for all meals

  Do not interrupt my brother/sister when they work on the computer

  Learn how to mute and unmute myself

  Listen to my friends during Meet

  Be dressed and prepared for the Meet

  Share my thinking during the Meets


You can use the “My Distance Learning Goal” slide from today’s presentation to help your child organize his/her thoughts about how to reach his/her goals. (If you have a possibility to print, you can just print the slide; if not  – draw it on a piece of paper.) 

It would be nice if you can take a picture of your child’s Distance Learning Goal paper and upload it into your child’s private Google Album. This way teachers would be able to see how we can help your child reach the goal.

We would also kindly ask you to fill out a short questionnaire for Grownups for us to have parents’ feedback on the Distance Learning process. Please follow the link to fill out a Survey

Thank you in advance for all the support you give your child and us during this New Distance School experience.

Yours in Learning,

The Pre-K Team