The costumes have been created, the shadow puppets made, the clay has been animated!  It is time to put on our show!!!


We would like to invite you to our Celebration of Learning, here in our Pre-K classrooms, on Friday, March 6th, at 1:30 am.



Since November, we have been learning to make and tell stories.  The children have been inspired to create their own stories and want to share them with their loved ones – YOU!







At the beginning of our unit, children were split into six learning groups.  They rotated through the classrooms learning the various skills needed to create their own stories.



Then, they had free reign over all the classrooms to play and experiment, returning to the spaces where they could put their new storytelling skills into practice.



Finally, after observing and listening to the children during play, the educators split them up into storytelling groups (according to their interests) and supported them to make their final products:  stories that they can share and tell to you!


We hope you all can make it!  Please feel free to bring your child’s siblings along, and any other family members that would take pride in your child’s learning.  The videos that have been made will be put up on our website after the Celebration of Learning so that friends and family from afar will be able to see the work.


We hope to see you on Friday, March 6th!

The Pre-K Team