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Our playground is a learning space

Children naturally become intensely engaged in play. Pursuing their own purposes, they tend to tackle problems that are challenging enough to be engaging yet not totally beyond their abilities. Sticking with a problem, puzzling over it, and approaching it in various ways can lead to powerful learning.  When several children are challenged with the same problem, they often come up with different approaches, discuss various strategies, and learn from one another. These aspects of play can promote thinking and learning in different areas.

Our Pre-K playground opens up many new learning opportunities for children.

Children used bamboo sticks, colorful curtains, and clips to make a Tent on a sunny day:

Working together the children first decided to put sticks together. Then, they came up with the idea to make a tent. Helping each other, they put the curtains on the sticks and fixed them with clips. Two days later the children decided to put a big wooden chair in the area they were playing in. While putting sticks around it and covering it with curtains, they came up with the idea of building a … Pirate ship!


The final step was to put a flag on the ship:

Pirate ship is ready:

Once the children started to focus on a project, we saw them work and play collaboratively, using their imagination, previous knowledge and experience. Some playmates were familiar with each other, and others were becoming new friends.  Playing together and learning from each other helps children to connect to each other.

Yours in Learning,

The Pre-K team




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  1. Antike Kachelöfen - Gabriele Platt

    Thanks for this valuable post about the playground as a learning space. Many Children learn by playing.

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