Dear Pre-K Parents,

We have reached the end of our second week of school, and the children are settling in beautifully. Students are getting used to transitions, sitting on a carpet at circle time, cleaning up and sharing toys and materials with others.

While working on our Pre-K norms of behavior (The Pre-K agreement) we decided that everyone has a right for FUN and LOVE in school. Therefore, we all agreed on giving Deep Fun and Deep Love to friends.

Deep Fun is when you play together and share and it is fun for everyone. Cheap Fun (the one we don’t like) is when people grab toys from each other; when you have fun but the other person isn’t (someone falls down or makes a mistake  and you laugh).

Deep Love – is being kind to your friends, inviting everyone to play with you and love the person for who they are. Cheap Love-Telling someone they can’t play with you, they are not your friend or they can only be your friends if they give you something.

Please, let your child explain the concepts at home and practice with his/her siblings.

Important Info:

Full days  – Classes are open at 8:25 (9:10 on Wednesday) and Dismissal is at 3:20-25

Lunch –  Please follow the link send by the ES office to order lunches for your child for the upcoming week.

Quiet time Gear – please send in a small blanket and a small pillow for your child to feel comfortable (if you haven’t done so yet). If your child wants to have a small special sleeping buddy to keep in class you are welcome to send it in as well.

Extra Clothes – Please make sure you send a set of extra clothes to school. (Including socks and underwear!!!)

Labeling – Please label all the clothing items your child wears/brings to school. It is impossible to keep track of uniformed pieces 🙂

Next week starts with DAY 4

Wednesday (DAY 6) First Forest Walk starts this week –  please make sure to check the weather in the morning and dress your child accordingly. We would suggest wearing long pants and high socks on the day to make it easier to protect your child from ticks, mosquitoes and stinging-nettle. Rain boots are advised for those students who like to play in the mud 🙂

It’s been a great start of the year full of learning!

Have a great weekend,

The Pre-K Team