Dear Families of Pre-K,
Our new unit is an inquiry into our connection with nature and our responsibilities towards it.  Over the next few weeks, the pre-k children will be split into 4 groups according to their interests, and will head out into the forest one group at a time for a week.  This will be a focused time for the children to explore and continue to develop a connection to the natural world around them.  
On the week that your child is assigned, he/she will head out on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at8:30 and stay until 10:00, bringing morning snack out into the woods.  Please pack snack items that will not create a lot of rubbish and is easy to carry and have the children dressed for the weather.  We will be going out, rain or shine!  Rainy days are the best for finding worm, slugs, and other creatures!
Week One: April 29 – May 3
PKGK – Patrick, Anver, Sebastian, Maria, Mariam
PKRM – Taya, Mateo
PKTA – Brayden, Katya D.
Week Two:  May 13 – May 17
PKGK – Nika, Victor
PKRM – Charlie, Emma, Ben
PKTA – Jasmin, Katya K, Safia, Stefan
Week Three:  May 27 – May 31
PKGK – Lucas
PKRM – Anastasia, Yuna, Alisher, Mark R, Georg
PKTA – Mark W, Amir
Week Four:  June 3 – June 7
PKGK – Olivia, Sandra, Louisa, Marili
PKRM – Esther, Xiyuan
PKTA – Mila, Una
Looking forward to our time in the woods!
Pre-K Team