Dear Parents,

The First Forest Walk this Wednesday was a great success! We were extremely lucky with the weather. Students were all well equipped and enthusiastic to go.

In the forest children explored new places, tried new things and made new friends.

“I liked playing in the forest!”

” I think forest is great!  My legs are tired, but I love it!”

“This forest has so many sticks I can’t even play with all of them!”

“We made a stick house!”

“We can make the teepee and fire!” – Those are just some of the quotes from the over excited children.

Going to the forest every week helps students nurture harmony and balance which in turn leads to happiness. Nature engages mind, body and spirit, which helps the child grow into a whole being. It’s all about the process of learning!

Sit back and enjoy the video if you wish to experience the excitement of the forest walk with us.

More Forest Learning Adventures await for us in the year ahead!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and try to find some time to get closer to nature!

The Pre-K Team