Student-Led Conferences


Hello everyone!

We just wanted to send out a note to remind you about Student-Led conferences tomorrow, and to tell you a bit about the process so you know what to expect.

You and your child will arrive and your child will become your tour guide.  Please let your child take the lead and he/she will take you through stations that have been chosen and you will be taught how to ‘play’ there.  All three classes are open for you to travel through. The entire Pre-K space is your child’s learning space, so you are welcome to visit all our classrooms.

Please ask them a lot of quality questions.  Ask them about what they THINK about when they are doing the activities.  Ask them how they KNOW that.  Wonder about how they FELT.  Don’t give them the answer or show them what you can do – let them be your teacher – act as if you are not sure.  Question them and let them take the lead.  Really listen to them.  Some of the children will zoom through their portfolios – slow them down and ask them to relax.

Please take the time to visit the Arts room down the Kindergarten hallway, the gym to see what they learn in PE, and head up to the 4th floor to see the Russian Culture classes and our SEN educator Ms. Doak in 4067.  We will be there in and around the room if you need us, but the student-led conference is really about time for you to listen to your child.  If you have any concerns about your child’s learning, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we can make a time to chat about it on a different day.   

You will be given a ‘See-Think-Wonder’ reflection sheet and a pen.  This is an opportunity for you to share your thinking about your child’s learning.  We will have an example of this thinking routine to help you know how to do this.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Pre-K Team


How We Organize Ourselves

Dear Pre-K Parents,

We have begun our new unit of inquiry. The following information will allow you to support your child’s learning and understanding from home.

We will be inquiring into the following:

Transdisciplinary Theme: How we organize ourselves

An inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made systems

Central Idea: Signs and symbols are human-made systems that help people communicate.

Lines of Inquiry that will define the scope of our inquiry into the central idea:

  • Signs and symbols
  • How signs and symbols help people to communicate
  • Systems of communication

Ways you can help:

  • Be on the lookout for signs and symbols with your child around your home or while you are out and about. They are all around us and will be exciting for your child to begin noticing with a keen eye! Ask your child what the sign is trying to communicate and how they know. Take pictures or draw them and encourage your child to share his/her findings in class.

Yours in learning,

The Pre-K Team

A Celebration of Learning


The costumes have been created, the shadow puppets made, the clay has been animated!  It is time to put on our show!!

We would like to invite you to our Celebration of Learning, here in our Pre-K classrooms, on Friday, March 1st, at 9:00 am.



Since December, we have been learning to make and tell stories.  The children have been inspired to create their own stories and want to share them with their loved ones – YOU!





At the beginning of our unit, children were split into four learning groups.  They rotated through the classrooms learning the various skills needed to create their own stories.




Then, they had free reign over all the classrooms to play and experiment, returning to the spaces where they could put their new storytelling skills into practice.




Finally, after observing and listening to the children during play, the educators split them up into storytelling groups (according to their interests) and supported them to make their final products:  stories that they can share and tell to you!


We hope you all can make it!  Please feel free to bring your child’s siblings along, and any other family members that would take pride in your child’s learning.  The videos that have been made will be put up on our website after the Celebration of Learning so that friends and family from afar will be able to see the work.

We hope to see you on Friday, March 1st!

Pre-K Team


How We Express Ourselves

It’s the magic time of Storytelling in Pre-K! We are starting our “How We Express Ourselves” Unit of Inquiry in which students will be thinking about different ways to express ideas through stories and showing their creativity.

Central Idea: Stories can be expressed and interpreted in many ways.

Lines of Inquiry that will define the scope of our inquiry into the central idea:

  • Ways stories are expressed
  • Ways people respond to and retell stories
  • Creating and expressing our own stories


All throughout this unit, we are discussing and exploring various means of storytelling. Through Guided Inquiry students are investigating what the creators need to think about while crafting a story. During the Open Inquiry time, students are learning different ways of storytelling and special skills required for those.

Each student is a member of a learning group exploring the different storytelling spaces created for them in our Pre-K classrooms:

  • Drama area with a stage and costumes
  • Puppet theatre
  • Shadow theatre
  • Green Screen studio
  • Animation Studio
  • Book Making and Publishing areas
  • Art Studio

Teachers are thrilled to see how much thinking is happening through play in those areas!

Ways you can help at home:

  • Help your child notice the different ways we share and tell stories at home or during family day trips (theatre visits, gallery walks,camping…). Take pictures or draw them and encourage your child to share his/her understanding in class.
  • Read books or watch movies and talk about who the characters are, in what setting the story takes place,  and what problem the characters are trying to solve.
  • Please speak with your child’s teacher if you would like to come in and share a story with the class. Maybe you have a favorite book you’d like to read to students.  Maybe you have a way of sharing stories that other children may not have experienced – something specific to your culture.
  • Create stories with your child at home during play time!

Happy storytelling!

The Pre-K Team