New Unit this Week for Pre K to Grade 2

For Pre-K and Kindergartners, students will be learning and improving their skills in throwing, catching, tracking, and bouncing small balls whilst traveling safely in general space. They will play movement games that will allow them to develop their hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness

For Grade 1 and 2, students will be learning and improving their passing, dribbling, catching and shooting skills whilst working in small teams with a partner or a group of 3. The focus of the lessons will be on improving communication, team work, and movement in a small sided game whilst developing individual basketball skills.

New Unit Starting this Week for Grades 3-5: Basketball

Students will be given the opportunities to learn and improve the skills, structures, and strategies of basketball in small sided situations. The primary skills to focus on will be the basketball set shot, chest pass, bounce pass, and dribbling.

Students will inquire into the central idea through exploring rules and strategies of basketball.

ES Winter Field Day 2016

ES Winter Field Day will be on Friday February 12, 2016.  Students participate in cooperative games in the snow.  Morning session from 930 to 1100 am for pre-K to grade 2. The afternoon session for grades 3-5 will is from 1:15 to 2:30 pm.  Students need to be prepared on the field for winter weather conditions.


Net Games Unit: January – March

Pre-K to Kindergarten: ‘All games have rules and involve a variety of roles, skills, and strategies.’

Students will inquire into the central idea through exploring a variety of partner and team games over a net with different types of equipment.

Grade 1 to Grade 2: ‘Games are categorized by characteristics which require learners to assume different roles and responsibilities’

Students will inquire into the central idea through exploring a variety of partner games which involve rallying and team games with modified rules.

Grade 3-5: ‘Games have structure and require the application of skills and strategies for the participants to be effective’

Students will inquire into the central idea through exploring rules and strategies of badminton (grades 3-4) and volleyball (grade 5).

Skating Season Begins in January

All Elementary classes will skate one time per week during one of their PE lessons.

Children will provide their own skates, while the PE department will provide helmets with face mask. Students who are independently able to put on their skates and helmets will have more time to practice their ice skating skills. 2-3 parent volunteers are welcome for assisting with the younger students.

Students will focus on building their confidence on skates and develop their gliding, stroking, turning and stopping with games and activities.

Skating Schedule

Current Units for Elementary PE: Base Games

Right now the students from grades 3-5 are working on a unit for Base Games. In Grade 3 we are focusing on the rules and strategies for kick-ball and T-ball. In Grade 4, we are focusing on the rules and strategies of Kwik Cricket. In Grade 5, we are focusing on the rules and strategies of softball to prepare the student for next year when they will have the chance to try out for the CEESA Softball teams. All of the Grade 3-5 students are also using one of their lessons for a boating unit.

Kwik Cricket


Kick ball

For the Pre-K to grade 2 classes our focus for lessons is also on Base Games with an emphasis on learning the skills of striking, fielding, throwing, and catching. The weather has been very helpful this spring and we will be taking all classes outside on the lower fields or the green top when the weather is nice.

What’s Happening in Elementary PE January-February

Our current unit is Ice Skating and Net Games. The ice rink will be open on Monday, January 20th. All students will have one lesson per week on the ice (schedule attached). For the other PE lessons the Pre-K to Grade 2 students will be learning the fundamentals of a variety of net and racket games. The grade 3-4 students will be focused on learning the basics and strategies of badminton while the grade 5 students will be focused on volleyball. Fitness is also an important part of our curriculum and students will continue to take part in performing and assessing their own levels of fitness.