The Pulitzer Prize in Fiction was announced last week on April 16th and the winner was The Overstory: a novel by Richard Powers. If you are looking for a deep and rich story about humanity’s connection to nature then this books is an absolute gem. Powers novel is divided into 3 broad sections: “Roots” creates origin stories for each of the unique individuals in the book, “Trunk” ties their stories together, and “Branches” allows the characters’ stories to move to toward their independent conclusions. It’s a wonderful piece of literature and such a timely choice so close to Earth Day.

The runner-ups The Great Believers and There There are both excellent choices to borrow from our literature section as well. The Great Believers explorers the early days of the AIDS epidemic in Chicago. It sounds unbearably heavy but I found a lot of humor in the pages and really loved the main characters. There There delves into the lives and stories of Native American people, not through stereotypical representations of displaced people on reservations but as urban dwellers, seeking to connect with cultural roots while also living very modern lives.

It was a strong year for fiction and our Literature section is filled with so many titles to enjoy.