The End of the Year is a great time to complete all your library business and spring clean your account.

We expect that every library account (for students, teachers, and parents) is clear, with no overdues, when school is out on June 20.  Only official summer checkouts (with the August due date) should be on your account.

Every student from Grade 6-11 will need to complete a checkout form with a library signature.  All overdue books will need to be cleared, either through return or payment. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to see us.  

Grades 5 and below will be receiving emails and reminders to clear accounts from the library in the same way.  If you have been receiving emails from us, please make every effort to complete the business. It will make the end of the year much smoother for you and for us.

Summer Checkout Reminders and Procedures:

Any patron that wants to checkout books for summer must have a clear account as of June 8th: No overdues or incomplete business.  

Returning patrons can checkout 15 items for summer.

Grades 4 and above can utilize summer checkout on their own accounts.  Grades 3 and below can have checkouts on parent accounts only.  

Parents can take 15 books out on their own account or on their spouse’s account, but any other patrons must be present for checkout.

Any renewals should be done with the physical item present (if you want to keep a book for the summer because you are still reading, you are welcome to, but you need to bring the book to show us).

Important Dates:

June 1: Last Day of checkout for all students and parents.

June 4-8: Week of returning books, checking accounts, and working on the book chain!

June 9: (Saturday) Summer checkout begins.

June 11-15: BLU (Book Lovers United) Week

June 11: Book Banquets

June 12: Breakout Boxes

June 13: Guest Readers

June 14: Breakfast and Browse, After School Book Swap Event, Additional Book Banquets and Breakout Boxes

June 15: Breakfast and Browse, DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)

June 20: Summer checkout ends and school is out!

BLU and Book Chain Programs:

Book Lovers United is our new program.  We will have a week of book celebration, with a paper chain full of your reading, guest readers (if you want to sign up to read to kids, come and see us!!), Drop Everything And Read Day, and browsing events for our adults.  You are welcome to participate in any way you can.

We will be working on a paper chain with the reading of all the students, teachers, parents, and community members.  Please stop in to add to our community reading visual!