Our Newest Genres!

We have just finished genre-fying the YA and adult fiction in the library, making it easier to find exactly the type of book you want to find without sifting through hundreds of titles.

We have split the collection into 15 different sections, which all occupy different areas of the library.

Please see below a description of each genre with an example author, title, or series.

Fantasy: A book with a different world, often with features of magic and long epics. Ex: Game of Thrones.

Sci-Fi: Books often set in technological eras or environments, typically in space. Ex: Orson Scott Card and Isaac Asimov.

Horror: Paranormal fiction, with vampires or werewolves, or hauntings and creepy ghost stories. Ex: Stephen King and Anne Rice.

Dystopia: A book typically set in a world you recognize but having been destroyed with political or environmental disasters.  Usually, survival is a main feature. Ex: The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and the Divergent series.

Teen: Contemporary YA literature about a variety of real issues, including body image, race, fitting in, relationships, grief, and more. Ex: John Green, Laurie Halse Anderson.

Poetry/Novels in Verse: Typically contemporary as well, though written in verse or poetry. Ex: Ellen Hopkins.

Romance: Books about relationships. Ex: Kiera Cass, Jenny Han.

LGBT: Books with characters who are finding relationship as LGBT people or in the process of finding their identity as lesbian, gay, or transgendered people. Ex: David Levithan.

Historical: Books set in a different time frame, sometimes with a catalyst event like a war or other struggle. Ex: Ken Follett, Jeffery Archer.

Popular: This section holds most of our contemporary fiction, which is mainly adult level and interest. These books you would find in most bookstores and airports as bestsellers and books to enjoy.

Russia: This section holds our Russian interest books, and includes the classics of Russian literature (in English), books set in Russia, historical or contemporary, and several spy thrillers with Russia focuses. Ex: Leo Tolstoy, A Gentleman in Moscow.

Thrillers: Page-turning books, often with psychological features of fear and suspense. Ex: Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train.

Mystery: Books focused on the solving of a crime, often by a police officer, detective, lawyer, or professional. Ex: Agatha Christie, Lee Child, Janet Evanovich.

Literature: This section holds contemporary literature, with books that are often complex, deep, or deal with intense issues. Ex: Margaret Atwood, Haruki Murakami.

Classic: This section holds our classics, with many first published 50 years ago or more. Ex: Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway.

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