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Ms. Natalia

What is happening in KPN


We have launched a new unit How the world works


Alp and Anton are investigating about how to make a stronger glue. They tested their theories, they tried different ingredients and made conclusion that if you add water it makes glue watery but if you add soap it makes it stronger.

How we express ourselves

How nature inspires us

We’ve been talking about what is nature and what do we notice about nature.

Who we Are

The children have been sharing their greetings from different countries, and looking for similarities and differences in flags, peoples appearances, alpahbets, greetings and traditions.

Dolly created a beautiful poster telling us about where she is from.



We have started measuring unit. We’ve been inquiring into Sasha ‘s inquiry “How many people have the same amount of letters as Haozhe” we built KPN town and compared name towers.

We’ve also explored Laura’s inquiry that we need to measure so we can fit things when we move. Children have been measuring items in the classroom making predictions wether those items will fit or not.

Zacharias worked really hard to make his KPN town! Well done Zacharias!

Sasha is using different ways to measure.

For the word inquiry we learnt new snap words

November 9-13th

Schedule for November

*** Please return blue writer’s folder, books so we can give new books to your child to read, whiteboard with a marker in a sock. There were envelopes from PTO sent home please send them back to school if you haven’t done it yet. Thank you***

Monday: Music- wear regular uniform

Tuesday: Music- wear regular uniform

Wednesday: Late start begins today. Music- wear regular uniform

Thursday: Music- wear regular uniform

Friday: Art
Library- wear regular uniform. Send Library bag back to school.

Important Information:

November 26 & 27: Three- Way Conferences- more information to come

What’s happening in KPN!

KPN friends have been busy this week decorating the classroom for the Halloween party, searching for numbers in their bodies, measuring pumpkins, sorting their country flags, labeling things in the classroom, learning snap words, exploring discovery room and so much more.

Discovery room

It was our first time to explore the discovery room.


Children were exploring different way of measuring pumpkins

Where is the number in your body


Word Inquiry

We’ve been exploring snap words such as a the me. The kids labeled their pictures with the word me and hunted for the and a in books. We also labeled things in the classroom.

Writing labels

Forest Walk

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a restful October break! I am very excited to see everyone back on campus.

Schedule for the Week of October 5-9

Monday: Music- wear regular uniform

On Monday, please send books we sent home back to school.

Tuesday: Music-wear regular uniform

Wednesday: Art- wear regular uniform or wear pink

Library- send library books back to school

Thursday: Art and Library wear pink or Halloween costumes

`Friday: PE and Halloween party

Halloween Party is at 3pm organized by PTO

October 5-9

Schedule for the Week of October 5-9

Monday: Music- wear regular uniform

On Monday, students will bring home classroom books to read with you throughout the week. At school, we are beginning to build our classroom routines for reading. Students have decided that readers find a quiet spot to sit with their books and turn the pages slowly and gently as they read. During reading, students are practicing going for a picture walk by telling about the pictures “reading the pictures” on every page. This is a great way to have your child read to you. If your child is not reading words yet, no worries! If they are reading words then they can try reading some of the words with you, but it is not expected that they can read all of the words to you yet. A letter will come with the books on Monday explaining kindergarten reading in more detail. The most important thing is that this a fun and positive experience for both you and your child. Our goal is for children to build a love for reading and feel successful and confident.

Tuesday: 8.30-8.55 KPN Photo Day. Please do not be late as we have to leave the classroom no later than 8.25. Students must wear their formal school uniform. You are welcome to send an alternative school uniform to change into for after the photo session. Please ensure your child has appropriate outdoor attire for this day.

Wednesday: Music -wear PINK or regular uniform

Thursday: NO SCHOOL


Important Information:

A Note about swimming:

Dear Parents,

Questions? Contact: david.ismailov@aas.ru or dmitry.demin@aas.ru

My name is David Ismailov and I am proud to be the Aquatics Coordinator at the Anglo-American School of Moscow. Myself and the Aquatics Staff – Dmitry Demin, Alexey Shegay, Tatiana Goncharenko, Viktoria Makhovskaya and Julia Tregubova – are looking forward to having the students in the swimming pool.

Students need to be ready to get into the water for swimming classes next week, starting October 5, 2020. Please note your child’s weekly swimming class on his/her individual class schedule provided by the teacher.

Swimming is a required part of the elementary curriculum. Parents need to familiarize themselves with the ES 6 Day (Huddle A/B) schedule in order to ensure your child is prepared for swimming on their specific day.

Swimming “kits” should include:
swim suit (one piece for girls)
A swim cap is recommended for those with long hair
Pool shoes (flip-flops or crocs). For health and safety reasons, swimmers are required to wear proper deck shoes in the locker room and on the pool deck.
Other Needs
Please label all personal swimming gear with your child’s name.
Swimmers with hair long enough to be tied back are required to use a swim cap.
AAS Swim Program Objectives
Allow students to become comfortable and more confident in and around the water.
Learn basic water safety,
Lead the students through a variety of water games and activities,
Have fun and enjoy the water.
Basic swimming techniques and strokes will also be taught throughout the year.
Our swimming instructors are American Red Cross certified and all have experience and extensive knowledge in teaching swimming. In addition, swimming classes will be under the supervision of an American Red Cross-certified Lifeguard at all times.

Feel free to contact me for additional questions regarding our program.

Thank you and best regards,

David Ismailov

Aquatics Coordinator

Lifeguarding, First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor

This week

KPN has been busy this week.

Happy birthday Dolly!

During Word Inquiry KPN children reviewed syllables and learnt about vowels and consonants.

This week our star names were Anna, Amala, Anton and Alp.

The forest walk was a mazing. Alp, Anton, Amala and Haozhe worked on a tree house and Laura, Dolly, Valentina and Anna built fairy houses.

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