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Outdoor Clothing for Kindergarteners

Dear parents,

The Kindergarten teachers want to share with you their beliefs regarding recess wear for the students.At AAS, and as stated in our Early Years Philosophy, we believe that children are competent learners, who have different needs and understand the world around them through experimentation. With that in mind, we will be allowing students to self-regulate while playing outside. Before each recess, we will remind children to put on everything they came in wearing in the morning but once outside, they are trusted to make their own decisions on what they keep on. We want to give the students an opportunity to make decisions for themselves, thus making them more independent and self-reliant. 

We also want to respect your beliefs and trust that you will have conversations with your child about what you believe and expect from them regarding their outfits during recess time, forest time, or any other outdoor time.  

If you wish to communicate your expectations to your child’s teachers, we will be happy to remind them to your child, too. 

Please be informed that the classroom teachers are not always the ones on duty during recess and thus are not always aware of what the children might be wearing during recess. This stresses even more the importance of students being aware of your expectations and taking responsibility for their well-being.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of our program. 

The Kindergarten team


Reminders and Up-coming events

Dear Kindergarten Families,

The next couple of weeks are quite busy. Here is some information to help you stay organized.

Monday, December 9 – Kindergarten Field trip to Experimentarium

*PTO New Book Fair is December 10-12

Friday, December 13th – Pre-K & K Winter Concert (see info below)

Tuesday, December 17th – Deadline to send in Taganka donations

Thursday, December 19th – Kindergarten Holiday Party and last day before Winter Break

All items in Lost and Found will be donated over the holidays. Please check for your missing items before they are gone!

Pre-K and K Winter Concert

When:  Friday, December 13th

Time: 9:00 am

Where: AAS Bolshoi Theater

Attire: Formal Uniforms

*Oxford buttoned-down long-sleeved collared shirt (White) + slacks/trousers/skirt (Navy Blue) + tie (available for purchase at PTO store) + dark-colored shoes + black belt.

For the Formal Uniform, Girls also have the option to wear the navy pinafore with the long-sleeved oxford and tie underneath.


New Unit: Where we are in place and time

Next week, Kindergartners will begin a new unit of Inquiry.

The Central Idea is that people design and create spaces to meet specific purposes.

Students will dive into…

  • investigating spaces
  • how spaces are designed to meet specific purposes
  • the process of designing and creating spaces

Next week during Kindergarten Open Inquiry, students will investigate spaces around the school and observe pictures of how the school has changed over the years. Students will also have the opportunity to design spaces during this time. If you have any spare shoeboxes, toilet paper rolls, or paper towel rolls at home, please send them to school with your child beginning next week. 

Later this month, all classes will go on a field trip to visit a submarine to learn about its purposeful design.

Lots of exciting opportunities for learning ahead!

We are readers and writers!

Dear Parents,

For the past few weeks, students have been introduced to the concept of Writing and Reading Workshop.

Our goals during this time are for students to see themselves as readers and writers and to launch our workshop through building routines that will be used as each child grows as a reader and writer this school year.

Students are asked the following questions:

  • Why do people read and write?
  • What kinds of writing do authors write?
  • How do authors write books?
  • How do people read?
  • What do people read?
  • Where do people read?

Students are building the following routines:

  • where to find the writing supplies within their classroom (e.g. markers, pencils, paper)
  • brainstorming writing ideas (e.g. things we like, things we know about, etc.)
  • building stamina by reading and writing for a longer amount of time each session
  • what to do when a teacher is meeting with another student
  • how to add pictures, words, and start a new book when one book is finished
  • how to choose books to read
  • how to read a book (e.g. read the pictures, look for letters/sounds they already know, look for words they already know, etc.)
  • how to find a reading and writing spot
  • how to read independently or with a friend
  • how to treat books

Ask your child what he/she has been reading and writing about at school!


The Kinder team

Who We Are

Dear Kindergarten Parents, 

We are in need of Room Parents! Please consider volunteering and helping with this important role. There will be a link to sign up in this afternoon’s Wednesday Newsletter. A class parent orientation session will take place on September 19th. Please consider signing up. We need your help! 

Our first unit of inquiry, Who We Are, is off to a great start! 

Our central idea is: “Exploring and connecting to the environment and others promotes a sense of self identity and belonging.”

Our inquiry will focus on:

  • how we develop a sense of identity and belonging
  • how connecting with others develops a sense of belonging
  • how we explore our environment in order to connect

The unit gives us a chance to get to know ourselves and each other. We hope that children come to understand that we are all alike and different in many ways and that’s okay. They will understand as well that they each belong in Kindergarten and are part of their school family.

We have also begun our first math unit of this year, Numbers 1-10. Please see below for more information about this math unit and how you can help support at home. 



About Me Boxes

Dear Kindergarten Families,

This second week of school was such an important time for us to get to know our kindergarten students in during the afternoon small groups. The students are quickly settling into the school routine and we look forward to having everyone full days next week!

In order to prepare for lunches in the “big cafeteria”, please remember to discuss the online lunch menu with your child. We will also be going over the daily lunch choices each day during class. If there are any allergies or dietary restrictions, please ensure the classroom teacher is aware.

This week the students also brought home a paper detailing our first home project, About Me Boxes. Please note that there was an error on the due date. About Me Boxes should be received by Friday, September 6th. Students may bring them to school any time between now and then. We look forward to learning more about all the members of our kindergarten school family.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kindergarten Team


Welcome to the AAS KG Blog!

Welcome to the Anglo-American School of Moscow’s Kindergarten Team Blog.

Here you will find what’s happening in Kindergarten classrooms, student work and much more.

Please check back often and feel free to leave us a message.

“We believe that Kindergarteners are unique individuals, with a natural curiosity, who come to school with their own experiences and knowledge.They are competent, enthusiastic learners, thriving to create meaning from the world around them. We believe Kindergartners learn and establish relationships better in a playful environment. One that allows them to explore and pose problems independently and at their pace.  Children have different needs, interests and competencies, and understand the world around them through experimentation. They constantly revisit and revise their learning in view of their new experiences. We believe that Kindergartners are sensible and need to be valued, loved and accepted.”


Support Staff Appreciation Lunch

Dear Families,

On Thursday, June 13th, the Elementary School will host our annual Support Staff Appreciation Lunch to show thanks to those in our community whose important work often occurs behind the scenes. The guests of this lunch are not teachers. They are employees of AAS who support our efforts in the classroom, from the drivers who bring your children to school, to the cleaning staff who ensure the school is neat and tidy.

The success of this event is directly dependent on the food donations from each family at each grade level, but a little donation by all will send a big message to our support staff. Below is a list of classes and food items each family is asked to bring. Each food contribution should serve 6-8 portions. Please label your serving dishes (each part) and utensils so we can ensure they are returned to you.

Class and Item:

  • Pre-Kindergarten – Individually wrapped chocolates
  • Kindergarten – Fresh Bread such as rolls, buns or baguettes
  • Grade 1 – Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes Pastries
  • Grade 2 – Savories (for example spring rolls or other finger-foods)
  • Grade 3 – Sliced Fresh Fruits Vegetable plates and dip
  • Grade 4 – Salads: Pasta, Garden, Greek, Potato, Coleslaw or other
  • Grade 5 – Sliced cheeses or meats (deli style)

Please bring the above items on the morning of June 13th.

Warm regards,

Laurie Bartels

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