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June 10th: Lunch changes

Dear parents,

To prepare the Kindergartners for next year’s lunch in first grade, we will start, on June 10, to let the children hold their trays in the cafeteria and choose their lunch on their own.

They will go through the vegetables and fruits options, then choose their menu options and carry their trays to the tables.

You will not have to pre-order the lunches starting on June 10 but can still talk with your child about the choices available on each day.

Thank you

Kindergarten team

Playground closure

Playground Closure

We are excited to announce that our playground will be remodeled over the summer. Much of the current equipment and the play surface will be replaced. We are working with a reputable company that complies with safety standards.

In order for the playground to be complete in time for the new school year, we will need to close the current playground on June 1. Barriers will be constructed to keep children away from the work that will be happening in June and throughout the summer. The barriers will allow for a safe passage from the bridge to the school entrance nearest the kinder classrooms.

From June 1 to the end of the school year, students that arrive to school in the morning should go to the following areas for supervision:

         Monday, Tuesday,  Thursday,  Friday



    8:00 – 8:25 – Students should leave   their bags against the wall in the tunnel   and then go down to the field. We will pick the children up at the field. If it is raining, children should go to the South Cafeteria

    8:45 – 9:10 – Students should leave        their bags against the wall in the tunnel     and then go down to the field. We will pick the children up at the field. If it is raining, children should go to the South Cafeteria

Please note that we do not have supervision available for children before 8:00 on each day except Wednesdays. On Wednesdays we do not have supervision available before 8:45. If children arrive early, they need to be supervised by a responsible adult.

We are so excited for our new playground and the opportunities that it will offer all of our students!

Kindergarten Expo May 20th, Save The Date

Dear parents,

Kindergartners are inviting you to visit the Expo about their unit How We Express Ourselves on May 20th following the singalong Spring concert.

During the Expo, your children will take you along their learning journey of the central idea “People use nature as inspiration for creativity and innovation”.

Display boards will recreate the learning engagements the children experienced and the classrooms will be set-up with interactive activities.

We hope you will be able to share this moment with us.

Kindergarten team

New Writing Unit: Informational 

Big Idea: Writers write to inform.                        

Guiding Questions:

Why do writers write non-fiction?

How do writers get information for their writing?

How do writers add information to their writing?

Through mini- lessons students will become aware of….

  • What a fact is
  • Text features in nonfiction books
  • Organizing information about their topic
  • Adding facts about their topic
  • Finding information for their writing
  • Revising their writing
  • Editing their writing



Student Led Conferences

Student-Led Conferences



On Thursday, March 28 students in the elementary school will be leading conferences for their parents. This is an important process for students to develop self-confidence, reflect on their practices, and to gain a better understanding of their learning.

What is a Student-Led Conference?

The student is in charge of the conference and shares work selected from his/her portfolio. Portfolios of student work have been compiled to demonstrate each student’s growth. The students will share the skills and knowledge they have developed throughout the year. During the conference each student will engage parents in a variety of learning activities that they have experienced in previous units of study.

Why Student-Led Conferences?

    • Students are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their work, goals and their success throughout the year in developing their portfolio, which they share at the conference.
    • Students take ownership over the conference; this active involvement promotes student responsibility and accountability.
    • Students are able to reflect upon their learning when leading conferences.
    • Conferences allow students to share their perspective on their own learning and development with teachers and parents.
    • Conferences allow students to showcase their knowledge, skills, and understanding through actively participating in learning engagements.
  • Conferences provide an opportunity for the students to share their learning with parents.
  • Parents gain a better understanding of the classroom experience of their child.

The student’s role

  • To collect, select, organize and reflect on the items for their portfolio and to share learning experiences.

The teacher’s role

  • To ensure students are prepared for the conference.
  • Teachers will be circulating and participating in conferences as appropriate.  You can always schedule an additional conference with teachers to discuss your child’s progress.

The parent’s role

  • To attend the conference with your child. It is important you are there for them.
  • To ask supportive and inquiring questions. Examples of questions will be provided during the conferences if you would like to use them.
  • Please bring a device with you to access Seesaw

We look forward to seeing you,

The Kindergarten Team.

Can you write like an author?

We are finishing up our authors study.

The big idea was:

Writers have a voice and style that is unique.

Writers learn from other writers.


How do other books this author has written connect to each other?



Some guiding questions are:

What is voice?

How do authors use words and pictures to create voice?

How can I use voice in my writing?

What can I learn and use from this author?

What are similarities and differences in one author’s books?


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