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New Writing Unit: illustration

Big idea:  Writers use illustrations to help the reader understand their writing.
In Kindergarten, now that we have launched our Writing Workshop and children are getting more independent in their writing process, we will be starting a study of illustrations and how they are an essential part of books.
Guiding Questions:
How do illustrations help readers?
How do the illustrations help writers write the story?
What techniques help a writer show more in illustrations?
Through mini-lessons we will make the children aware of techniques illustrators use and why. Illustrators often have their define style and students will be able to find theirs.

Goal-Setting Conference

Dear Kindergarten Families,

This week the children will be busy preparing for their Goal-Setting Conference on Thursday or Friday. They will be thoughtfully considering what their strengths are and the goals that they would like to achieve this school year. We would like to ask you, as their parents, to also think of strengths and goals for your child. The strengths and goals can be social, emotional, and/or academic, something you see at home, etc. During the conference, the teacher will ask you to share at least one strength about your child prior to discussing your child’s goal(s).

As the appointments are only 20 minutes each, please join to your child’s Webex classroom at your appointment time. If you would like to continue the discussion from the conference, or want to discuss a different topic, please let the teacher know and together you can schedule an additional time to meet. This conference is for goal setting specifically. 

Formal school uniform or similar is required for students. 

We look forward to partnering with you and your child this year.


Our first unit of inquiry, Who We Are, is off to a great start!

Our central idea is: “Exploring and connecting to the environment and others promotes a sense of self identity and belonging.”

Our inquiry will focus on:

  • how we develop a sense of identity and belonging
  • how connecting with others develops a sense of belonging
  • how we explore our environment in order to connect

The unit gives us a chance to get to know ourselves and each other. We hope that children come to understand that we are all alike and different in many ways and that’s okay. They will understand as well that they each belong in Kindergarten and are part of their school family.

This week the students also brought home a paper detailing our first home project  All about me boxes

About Me Boxes should be brought back to school by Monday, September 21th. Students may bring them to school any time between now and then. We look forward to learning more about all the members of our kindergarten school family.

Have a wonderful week!

Kindergarten Team



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Kindergarten is now allowed to have treats to celebrate their birthdays at school. But this is only for Kindergarten as they are coming to school every day and not for siblings in other classes. Please contact your teacher if you would like to supply some cookies  (brought from the store and wrapped) or muffins can be ordered from school. We will be wearing gloves to hand out these treats. If any parent does not want their child to participate please let us know.

Thank you

Kindergarten Team



Unsubscribe from the Kindergarten Blog

Dear Parents,

We hope you enjoyed your summer holiday.

If you are subscribed to our Kindergarten Blog, you will have received this post as a message in an email. You may now be considering whether or not you want to continue to receive emails from our class each time we post something new on our Blog.  If you have decided you don’t (and there may be some very good reasons for this – like you no longer have a kindergarten child), then simply click on the link below to “Unsubscribe”.

We appreciate your support this past year and wish you all the best.

Halfway Point of Distance Learning

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Today marks the halfway point of our Distance Learning experience. Thank you for all your support on the homefront as we navigate these difficult times. We recognize that dynamics can vary greatly from family to family, including where you may be located in the world, number of students in your home, and the challenges of balancing Distance Learning with your own careers, etc. We want to make sure that we are designing our program to be flexible and adaptable for you and your child.

Please know that our daily slide decks are designed to meet a range of abilities and levels while still meeting the Kindergarten curriculum. As parents, we know that you have the best pulse on your child. The health and well-being of your child is the most important thing to consider. If you feel that your child has hit a ceiling with any part of Distance Learning, please know that your child can be flexible in completing assignments. We ask that you keep in communication with your child’s teacher about any challenges you are facing so that we can be aware and provide help and support as needed.

Supporting Writing at Home

Below you will find a link to a very valuable video hosted by Matt Glover. Matt Glover has been a visiting consultant at AAS and his practices and approaches to teaching students about writing are aligned with our philosophy at AAS. We recommend you watch both videos linked below. Supporting Spelling at Home and The Importance of Making Books will offer recommendations for how you can continue to support your child at home.

Supporting Spelling at Home
The Importance of Making Books

Supporting Reading at Home

All Kindergarteners received a collection of home readers as part of their Home Learning packet. However, now that we are three weeks into Distance Learning, you may have a need for additional reading material. The library at AAS has a great collection of online reading resources that are available to parents and students. We recommend the resource, EPIC, which has a collection of books with access to various levels and genres that you may find quite useful. Many books have an audio component which is also a great way to give your child more exposure to modeled fluency and expression.

On the link below, you will find videos and tutorials to help you with many aspects of Distance Learning, including a video to help you access EPIC:

Supporting Math at Home

IXL is an online resource that is also available to all Kindergarteners for math. If you find that your child needs extra practice in any of the skills being covered in Distance Learning and/or if your child is motivated to take their learning further, this is a resource you can use as well. Kindergarteners have been provided with their login and passwords for IXL earlier in the school year. If you need this information to be resent to you, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

Below is a link to some more ideas on how your can support your child at home with math:

Social Interaction and “Recess”

In order to provide the Kindergarteners with much needed social interactions during Distance Learning, we will begin offering an optional “recess” time for each of the KG classes. This recess time will take place on Wednesdays from 2:00-2:30 pm Moscow Time. Students may join their class for “recess” by accessing the Google Meet link for their class. A slide will be provided each Wednesday with the Google Meet link. Please note that this will be a supervised time.

Teachers will take time during next Tuesday’s live Morning Meeting to discuss the guidelines and expectations for students during “recess”. Please note that all live Google Meetings are recorded, including this recess time. Please remind your child that they should only access the Google Meet links during the times indicated on the slides. Students should never be in a Google Meet outside of these times, as it is not supervised.

In addition to the added “recess” time, Kindergarteners may also share with others throughout the grade level via the Kindergarten Village Seesaw account. In order to protect the privacy of our students and to provide appropriate feedback to students, Class Seesaw accounts are set so that students and parents cannot see and/or comment on other students’ work. However, the Kindergarten Village Seesaw account does have this capability. If your child has something special to share and/or if they would like to comment on what other students have shared, they may do this through the Kindergarten Village Seesaw account.

Look for the Icon for Kindergarten Village Seesaw account:Kindergarten Village Account

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Warm Regards,
Kindergarten Teachers

First Day of Distance Learning

First Day of Distance Learning

Dear Kinder Families, 

Congratulations on completing your first day of Distance Learning! The students all did a great job today and many finished their Seesaw assignments as well. There were only a few “glitches” throughout the day and we are working to fix those. 

Here are a couple of things to note as we move into the rest of the week… 

Tomorrow, your child will have their first live Google Meet session. The link and time to join those Google Meet sessions will be on slide #2 of the slide deck you will receive tomorrow morning. Your child must be logged in to Google Chrome with their AAS user name and password. A document was sent home with your child’s log in information along with their home packet. Email your child’s teacher if you cannot find this document. 

The Google slide deck will be sent as an “Assignment” tomorrow morning in your child’s classroom account Seesaw, not a notification through Kindergarten Village. Please help your child locate this in their assignment inbox. This is a change that was requested by administration and we do hope it goes smoothly for tomorrow. 


Please ensure that your video camera and microphone are enabled on the device you are using. 

During the Google Meet session tomorrow morning, we will be reviewing our expectations with the children. You may need to be present to help get them started and sorted on the first Google Meet as we move towards independence with this. The Google Meet sessions with students will be focused on meeting with the children. For parents who would like to talk with us, please schedule a separate time for this. 

When completing all assignments in Seesaw, please help your child navigate to the correct class. For example, PE should be posted under “KWB-PE” for those students completing PE assignments from KWB and so on for each class. Specialist classes are located on the left-hand side of your child’s Seesaw page. Tap on their picture or icon in the corner and the list of classes will appear. Students know how to do this, they just need a reminder. All posts that are not for specialist teachers should be done in your child’s class account. 

For extensions in learning, the students may always take the learning objective for that lesson and go further with it. For example, reading another book, looking for more rhyming words, making additional number bonds, adding more details and or words to their work, etc. Please also remember that is an optional resource that is available for all students if they would like to work on their math skills. 

In addition, our library also has an impressive list of resources accessible to all students.

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Warm Regards, 

Kindergarten Teachers

KG Distance Learning

Dear Kinder Families, 

Monday, March 23rd, will be our first day of Distance Learning. Below are some tips and information to help you get started. 

What will Distance Learning look like for Kindergarteners?

Each morning, before 8:00 a.m., you and your child will receive a notification via Seesaw App in notifications. Notifications will show in both your’s and your child’s Seesaw inbox. In this notification, you will receive a link to a Google Slide deck with that day’s Distance Learning engagements. Please plan to assist your child with accessing the link and getting started. 

Kindergarten Week at a glance



On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays there will be pre-recorded morning meetings for each of the kindergarten classes. Teachers will still be available if needed, on these days.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, your child will join a live Google Meet Session along with a small group of children from their class. Sessions will take place at either 9:00 am., 9:20 am. or 9:40 am. The schedule for these meetings, along with the link to join the meeting per class will be on the Google slide deck you will receive in your morning notification. All Google Meet sessions will be recorded! 

Please help your child find a quiet spot in the house, as free of distractions as possible, for these live sessions. They may need your help at first with following our established Meeting Agreements which include: Taking turns talking, using non-verbal hand signals and practicing muting and unmuting their microphone. We expect for this to be a bit tricky at first, but are confident that the kindergartners will learn this new way of communicating with each other quickly. Use of headphones is highly encouraged. 

Specialist teachers will also be hosting live sessions. These will be updated each week and will be indicated in the Google Slide Deck. 

Classroom teachers will be available each day from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. for additional live sessions, as needed. Please send us a notification via Seesaw or email to arrange a meeting time. 


  • Set up a quiet space for your child to work. 
  • Use headphones to help minimize noise and increase your child’s focus.
  • Keep the “Home Learning” Packet we sent home nearby.
  • Please ensure that you are logged in on Google Chrome with your child’s AAS Google login information. This information was sent home in your child’s Distance Learning Packet.  If you are not logged into an AAS Google account via Chrome, you will not be able to access the Google Meet links. 
  • Videos play most easily when Google Slides are in “Present” Mode 
  • Make videos full screen when watching


Apps for Distance Learning

As of now, Kindergartens will only need one app: Seesaw Class Families/Parents should have the app: Seesaw Family

  • Please note that these are two different apps

If you have ‘checked out’ an iPad from AAS then the Seesaw Class app is already installed on your child’s iPad and they are well versed in using it. If you are using your own iPad these will be the apps you will need to download and to have ready. 

Setting a Schedule

It is highly recommended that you create a schedule as a family for you and your child to follow during this time. Others who have been doing this for several weeks now in other countries say that this is essential! Feel free to use or adapt the schedule below. The more you can involve your child in this process the better.


Remember to drink lots of water and to wash your hands often!

Thank you for all your support! 

KG Teachers



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