Anglo-American School of Moscow – Kindergarten

Author: Lara Wolf


Our first unit of inquiry, Who We Are, is off to a great start!

Our central idea is: “Exploring and connecting to the environment and others promotes a sense of self identity and belonging.”

Our inquiry will focus on:

  • how we develop a sense of identity and belonging
  • how connecting with others develops a sense of belonging
  • how we explore our environment in order to connect

The unit gives us a chance to get to know ourselves and each other. We hope that children come to understand that we are all alike and different in many ways and that’s okay. They will understand as well that they each belong in Kindergarten and are part of their school family.

This week the students also brought home a paper detailing our first home project  All about me boxes

About Me Boxes should be brought back to school by Monday, September 21th. Students may bring them to school any time between now and then. We look forward to learning more about all the members of our kindergarten school family.

Have a wonderful week!

Kindergarten Team



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Kindergarten is now allowed to have treats to celebrate their birthdays at school. But this is only for Kindergarten as they are coming to school every day and not for siblings in other classes. Please contact your teacher if you would like to supply some cookies  (brought from the store and wrapped) or muffins can be ordered from school. We will be wearing gloves to hand out these treats. If any parent does not want their child to participate please let us know.

Thank you

Kindergarten Team



New Writing Unit: Informational 

Big Idea: Writers write to inform.                        

Guiding Questions:

Why do writers write non-fiction?

How do writers get information for their writing?

How do writers add information to their writing?

Through mini- lessons students will become aware of….

  • What a fact is
  • Text features in nonfiction books
  • Organizing information about their topic
  • Adding facts about their topic
  • Finding information for their writing
  • Revising their writing
  • Editing their writing



Can you write like an author?

We are finishing up our authors study.

The big idea was:

Writers have a voice and style that is unique.

Writers learn from other writers.


How do other books this author has written connect to each other?



Some guiding questions are:

What is voice?

How do authors use words and pictures to create voice?

How can I use voice in my writing?

What can I learn and use from this author?

What are similarities and differences in one author’s books?