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New Unit: Where we are in place and time

Next week, Kindergartners will begin a new unit of Inquiry.

The Central Idea is that people design and create spaces to meet specific purposes.

Students will dive into…

  • investigating spaces
  • how spaces are designed to meet specific purposes
  • the process of designing and creating spaces

Next week during Kindergarten Open Inquiry, students will investigate spaces around the school and observe pictures of how the school has changed over the years. Students will also have the opportunity to design spaces during this time. If you have any spare shoeboxes, toilet paper rolls, or paper towel rolls at home, please send them to school with your child beginning next week. 

Later this month, all classes will go on a field trip to visit a submarine to learn about its purposeful design.

Lots of exciting opportunities for learning ahead!

We are readers and writers!

Dear Parents,

For the past few weeks, students have been introduced to the concept of Writing and Reading Workshop.

Our goals during this time are for students to see themselves as readers and writers and to launch our workshop through building routines that will be used as each child grows as a reader and writer this school year.

Students are asked the following questions:

  • Why do people read and write?
  • What kinds of writing do authors write?
  • How do authors write books?
  • How do people read?
  • What do people read?
  • Where do people read?

Students are building the following routines:

  • where to find the writing supplies within their classroom (e.g. markers, pencils, paper)
  • brainstorming writing ideas (e.g. things we like, things we know about, etc.)
  • building stamina by reading and writing for a longer amount of time each session
  • what to do when a teacher is meeting with another student
  • how to add pictures, words, and start a new book when one book is finished
  • how to choose books to read
  • how to read a book (e.g. read the pictures, look for letters/sounds they already know, look for words they already know, etc.)
  • how to find a reading and writing spot
  • how to read independently or with a friend
  • how to treat books

Ask your child what he/she has been reading and writing about at school!


The Kinder team

About Me Box

KG’s About Me Boxes

What is it ? Our About Me boxes are small boxes, about the size of a shoebox, containing artifacts about us as individuals. These will be shared with our classmates to help them understand who we are.

Why? As a home connection this activity really helps children connect what we do at school with their home life. It also helps bring their home lives into the classroom. It also helps them make connections with other students around them.

How to do it:

Ask your child

  • What makes him or her who they are.
  • What does your child do well?
  • What is your child interested in?
  • What are your child’s favorite things to do?
  • What does your child want to learn more about?
  • What is something that would make us know your child better?

Think together of several artifacts that show your child’s special abilities and interests. Children might include a family picture, a favorite food, something they have made, or a drawing. (Please try to make the artifacts meaningful. If a child chooses to put in a toy car, it should be a special favorite.)

Choose up to 5 artifacts. If the artifact is very special or valuable, please do not send it school. Your child could bring a photograph or draw the item. Also, we understand that some of you might not have your shipments, so your child can be creative and draw or write about special items.

Place all artifacts in a shoebox-size box with your child’s name on the box and decorate it in some special way. Help your child be creative.

Send the About Me Box to school by Monday, September 17th at the latest. Children will be sharing their boxes with their classmates, so they should think about what each artifact represents and why the artifact is important in shaping who they are.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions,,,

We look forward to learning more about your children, your families, traditions and children’s experiences.

New Writing Unit: Informational

New Writing Unit: Informational 

 Big Idea: Writers write to inform. 

Guiding Questions:

Why do writers write non-fiction?

How do writers get information for their writing?

How do writers add information to their writing?


Through mini- lessons students will become aware of….

  • What a fact is
  • Text features in nonfiction books
  • Organizing information about their topic
  • Adding facts about their topic
  • Finding information for their writing
  • Revising their writing
  • Editing their writing


Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences


Dear parents,

As you prepare to come on November 23 to listen to your child share about his/her learning, here are some suggestions of questions to ask your child in order to better understand their thinking. You will also take your child’s paper portfolio home for a few days. As you look through your child’s paper portfolio and Seesaw portfolio, with your child, you can use these questions as guidelines when talking about what you see.

Conference questions:

  • What are your goals this year?
  • How can I help you achieve your goals?
  • What have you learned this term?
  • What would you like to learn that you do not already know?
  • Which subject is a challenge for you?  Why?
  • What makes you happiest at school?
  • What do you want to improve or get better at?

When looking at specific pieces of work:

  •  What do you like best about this?
  •  What did you learn from this?
  •  What skills did you use?
  •  What would you do differently on this piece?
  •  What does this work show about you?
  •  Tell me more about …
  •  What was challenging about this piece?
  •  What was easy about this work?
  •  You seem to be having a difficult time with…Why do you think that is?
  • Which piece of work are you most proud of?

When making general comments about your child’s learning:

  • What I noticed about your work was…
  • I like how you  . . . .  Keep up the good work.
  • I know you have difficulty sometimes but…
  • I’m glad you are making an extra effort in…
  • How can I help you …
  • You really surprised me when I learned you could…
  • I can’t wait to see your work in…!
  • What is your favorite time during the school day and why?
  • You seem to really enjoy…Why do you think that is?
  • Tell me what is the most important thing that you learned in . . .

Please remember that your child should wear his/her formal uniform for the conference. 

Goal-Setting Conference

Dear Kindergarten Families,

This week the children are busy preparing for their Goal- Setting Conference on Friday. They are thoughtfully considering what their strengths are and a goal that they would like to achieve this school year. We would like to ask you, as their parents, to also think of a strength for your child. The strength can be social, academic, something they do well at home, etc. During the conference, the teacher will ask you to share at least one strength about your child prior to discussing your child’s goal(s).

As the appointments are only 20 minutes each, please come to your child’s classroom at your appointment time. If you would like to continue the discussion from the conference or want to discuss a different topic, please let the teacher know and together you can schedule an additional time to meet. This conference is for goal setting specifically. If for some reason you are not able to come on Friday, please let the teacher know a time that works for you on another day. 

Formal school uniform is required for students. 

We look forward to partnering with you and your child this year.




August 18, 2017


My name is Mike McKinney and I am proud to be the Aquatics Director at the Anglo-American School of Moscow. I bring over 25 years of experience coaching swimming, teaching swim lessons, competitive swimming and lifeguarding to the program.

During the first week of school, Kindergarten students will have an orientation to the swimming pool.  Students will be getting into the water for swimming classes during the second week of school, August 28 – September 1.  Please note your child’s weekly swimming class on his/her class schedule.

Swimming is a required part of the elementary curriculum and each student will receive 1 lesson per week throughout the school year as per the school calendar and class schedule(s).  Swimming “kits” should include; swim suit (one piece for girls), towel, deck shoes (flip-flops) and goggles.  For health and safety reasons, swimmers are required to wear proper deck shoes in the locker room(s) and on the pool deck.  Please label all personal swimming gear with your child’s name.  Swimmers with hair long enough to be tied back are required to use a hair tie or a swim cap.

The objective of the swimming program is to allow the students to become comfortable and more confident in and around the water.  Instructors will teach basic water safety, lead the students through a variety of water games and activities, have fun and enjoy the water.  Basic swimming techniques and strokes will also be taught throughout the year. Our swimming instructors are American Red Cross certified and all have experience and extensive knowledge in teaching swimming.  In addition, swimming classes will be under the supervision of an American Red Cross-certified Lifeguard at all times.

Also, parent volunteers are an important part of ensuring that our swimming program is successful.  Parents will be needed during the transition, in the locker rooms, to help the students change before and after swimming class.  Please let your classroom teacher know when you will be assisting during these times.   Two parents per class (one for the girls and one for the boys) are usually sufficient but more are greatly welcomed.   Parent volunteers are to meet their class in the athletic hallway before the scheduled swimming period.  Parents only, no caregivers, should assist during school hours.

Feel free to contact me for additional questions regarding our program.



Mike McKinney

AAS Aquatics Director

American Red Cross Instructor Trainer

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

We are looking forward to a great year with your child!  We would like to highlight the following items before school starts. Also, you can refer to the ES Family Handbook for more detailed information. Please share all relevant information with your nanny and/or driver.


  • Children enter the classrooms at 8:25 am.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.  Adult supervision will be available on the playground from 8:00AM (8:50AM on Wednesdays). Children arriving between 8:00 and 8:25 will be expected to go straight to the playground with their belongings.
  • If your child remains indoors before school begins, they must be accompanied by a parent, nanny or driver.
  • On rainy days, children will go straight to the cafeteria.
  • A bell will be rung on the playground at 8:25 am (Late Start – 9:10 am). This is a signal for the children to line up outside their classroom, where they will wait for an adult (the teacher or teaching assistant) to greet them.  
  • Instruction begins immediately. Please be on time. Students will be counted as tardy after 8:35 am (9:20 am on Wednesdays).


  • Please call the office at 231-4482 before 9:00 am to report your child’s absence.
  • If your child will arrive after 8:35 am, please go directly to the office to report tardiness and collect a late pass before your child joins the class. This ensures that your child will be marked tardy rather than absent.


  • Please provide a healthy snack and a spill-proof water bottle daily.  Fruit, vegetables, cheese, juice and yoghurts/yoghurt drinks are a few suggestions. Please do not send sugary snacks, chocolate, candies or soda, etc….
  • Note that microwaving and refrigeration are not available.
  • Sharing snacks is discouraged due to possible food allergies


  • Beginning Monday, August 28, children will be eating lunch in the cafeteria. You are responsible for choosing which lunch your child will eat. The choices are to be completed online. You will receive instructions by email.
  • Please pick the meals with your child in order to be sure that he/she will enjoy lunch.
  • If your child forgets a lunch, one will be purchased and billed to your account.
  • Please provide easy to open containers.


  • Children may bring a treat to share with the class to celebrate their birthday  
  • Children with summer birthdays may celebrate anytime during the year
  • Please communicate with your child’s teacher to choose a time to celebrate your child’s birthday


  • Traditional homework (worksheets, spelling lists, mathematics problem sets) is not assigned to Kindergartners
  • In KG, class homework consists of the following:
    • A combination of reading and being read to each evening
    • Describing and reflecting on blog posts and photos sent home weekly by email
      • You might ask: What were you doing here? How did it help you learn? Etc.
    • Occasional family projects supporting our units of inquiry

Uniform/Extra Clothing

  • Please clearly label your child’s uniform and belongings with their name and class.
  • We request that a change of clothing be provided and left at school in case a child needs to change during the day.  Accidents happen!
  • PE Uniform – red shirt and black or navy bottom (shorts/pants). Shirts, shorts, and pants are available in the PTO Store.
  • More information about uniforms can be found at

Outdoor Clothing

  • We go outside at least twice a day every day. Individual children may not stay indoors during recess if everyone else is outdoors. Please prepare your child for our changeable Moscow weather by sending appropriate outdoor clothing, including rain gear and boots when needed.

Indoor/Outdoor Shoes

  • Each child is requested to have a pair of “indoor shoes” to be kept at school.
  • “Indoor shoes” are worn in the school building and should be non-slip and suitable for PE.  No sandals, please.
  • “Outdoor shoes” are worn when arriving and departing, during recess and outdoor PE activities. They should be suitable for the weather.


  • Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school. At school toys can be lost or broken, and arguments often ensue in which children tell others who can and cannot play with a given toy. There will be special days that are an exception to this rule. However on normal days if a child brings a toy to school we will keep it for the day and return it to the student to bring home when dismissed.

Parent Volunteers

    • Swimming will begin in the second week of school. More information will be coming from the Aquatics Departments. At least four (4) parent volunteers at first are needed each week to help in the locker rooms.
    • Skating will begin in January during one of the P.E. sessions each week. Kindergartens need help getting ready for the rink. We will ask for volunteers closer to January.
    • Field Trips will take place throughout the year. We will ask for volunteers when we know the exact dates and times for our trips.
    • Parties are scheduled by the elementary school administration- Halloween, December Holidays, and End-of-the-Year. Information regarding these parties will be sent closer to the dates on which they are scheduled.


The first week of school children will be dismissed at 12:00. After the first week of school, students will be dismissed at 3:25 pm.

  • Please make sure that your child’s teacher knows who will be picking up your child.
  • Prior to 3:25, please refrain from waiting outside your child’s classroom/hallway because the children are using these spaces for learning.
  • Please be prompt in meeting your child after school to avoid undue anxiety on the part of your child. After 3:40 pm children who have not been picked up will be taken to the office.
  • Please write a note (paper or e-mail) if there are any changes in dismissal routines. If written notice is not received, your child will not be permitted to leave with anyone but the designated driver, nanny or parent. Thank you!
  • If your child will be picked up early please go to the Elementary office and not the classroom so that a security clearance can be issued for your child to exit campus early.


We look forward to an exciting year of learning together in Kindergarten!


The Kindergarten Team

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