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Support Staff Appreciation Lunch

Dear Families,

On Thursday, June 13th, the Elementary School will host our annual Support Staff Appreciation Lunch to show thanks to those in our community whose important work often occurs behind the scenes. The guests of this lunch are not teachers. They are employees of AAS who support our efforts in the classroom, from the drivers who bring your children to school, to the cleaning staff who ensure the school is neat and tidy.

The success of this event is directly dependent on the food donations from each family at each grade level, but a little donation by all will send a big message to our support staff. Below is a list of classes and food items each family is asked to bring. Each food contribution should serve 6-8 portions. Please label your serving dishes (each part) and utensils so we can ensure they are returned to you.

Class and Item:

  • Pre-Kindergarten – Individually wrapped chocolates
  • Kindergarten – Fresh Bread such as rolls, buns or baguettes
  • Grade 1 – Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes Pastries
  • Grade 2 – Savories (for example spring rolls or other finger-foods)
  • Grade 3 – Sliced Fresh Fruits Vegetable plates and dip
  • Grade 4 – Salads: Pasta, Garden, Greek, Potato, Coleslaw or other
  • Grade 5 – Sliced cheeses or meats (deli style)

Please bring the above items on the morning of June 13th.

Warm regards,

Laurie Bartels

June 10th: Lunch changes

Dear parents,

To prepare the Kindergartners for next year’s lunch in first grade, we will start, on June 10, to let the children hold their trays in the cafeteria and choose their lunch on their own.

They will go through the vegetables and fruits options, then choose their menu options and carry their trays to the tables.

You will not have to pre-order the lunches starting on June 10 but can still talk with your child about the choices available on each day.

Thank you

Kindergarten team

Playground closure

Playground Closure

We are excited to announce that our playground will be remodeled over the summer. Much of the current equipment and the play surface will be replaced. We are working with a reputable company that complies with safety standards.

In order for the playground to be complete in time for the new school year, we will need to close the current playground on June 1. Barriers will be constructed to keep children away from the work that will be happening in June and throughout the summer. The barriers will allow for a safe passage from the bridge to the school entrance nearest the kinder classrooms.

From June 1 to the end of the school year, students that arrive to school in the morning should go to the following areas for supervision:

         Monday, Tuesday,  Thursday,  Friday



    8:00 – 8:25 – Students should leave   their bags against the wall in the tunnel   and then go down to the field. We will pick the children up at the field. If it is raining, children should go to the South Cafeteria

    8:45 – 9:10 – Students should leave        their bags against the wall in the tunnel     and then go down to the field. We will pick the children up at the field. If it is raining, children should go to the South Cafeteria

Please note that we do not have supervision available for children before 8:00 on each day except Wednesdays. On Wednesdays we do not have supervision available before 8:45. If children arrive early, they need to be supervised by a responsible adult.

We are so excited for our new playground and the opportunities that it will offer all of our students!

Kindergarten Expo May 20th, Save The Date

Dear parents,

Kindergartners are inviting you to visit the Expo about their unit How We Express Ourselves on May 20th following the singalong Spring concert.

During the Expo, your children will take you along their learning journey of the central idea “People use nature as inspiration for creativity and innovation”.

Display boards will recreate the learning engagements the children experienced and the classrooms will be set-up with interactive activities.

We hope you will be able to share this moment with us.

Kindergarten team

Student-led conferences Save The Date

Dear parents,

Student Led Conferences will be held on March 28th. Please mark the date on your calendar now and keep in mind that this is not a typical school day. Students will only attend school, with you, during your scheduled conference time. More information is in the school newsletter and we will post more information on this blog soon!

Call for experts

Dear AAS community

Kindergarten students have started their How We Express Ourselves unit and need your expertise. Our unit’s central idea is “People use nature as inspiration for creativity and innovation.” We would love to hear real people come talk to us about times when nature inspired them to create or innovate. If that was ever the case with you, please think about coming to Kindergarten to share your experience. Email Julie Villers at to set up a time. Thank you in advance.

The Kindergarten team

“Tell me about a time when…..”

We are coming towards the end of our Personal Narrative writing unit.

Writers create stories about things that happened to them in order to engage their readers.

During this unit, the students have been writing stories about themselves. A time when they felt sad, excited, happy, scared, etc…

Students learned about the features of a personal narrative. It has to have characters including themselves, a setting, a beginning, a middle and an end, and their feelings. 

We asked them these questions:

What makes a good story?

Why do writers tell stories?

What do writers tell stories about?

What strategies do authors use to tell stories?

How do writers let their readers know when events happen?

Watch out for their publications!

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