First Day of Distance Learning

Dear Kinder Families, 

Congratulations on completing your first day of Distance Learning! The students all did a great job today and many finished their Seesaw assignments as well. There were only a few “glitches” throughout the day and we are working to fix those. 

Here are a couple of things to note as we move into the rest of the week… 

Tomorrow, your child will have their first live Google Meet session. The link and time to join those Google Meet sessions will be on slide #2 of the slide deck you will receive tomorrow morning. Your child must be logged in to Google Chrome with their AAS user name and password. A document was sent home with your child’s log in information along with their home packet. Email your child’s teacher if you cannot find this document. 

The Google slide deck will be sent as an “Assignment” tomorrow morning in your child’s classroom account Seesaw, not a notification through Kindergarten Village. Please help your child locate this in their assignment inbox. This is a change that was requested by administration and we do hope it goes smoothly for tomorrow. 


Please ensure that your video camera and microphone are enabled on the device you are using. 

During the Google Meet session tomorrow morning, we will be reviewing our expectations with the children. You may need to be present to help get them started and sorted on the first Google Meet as we move towards independence with this. The Google Meet sessions with students will be focused on meeting with the children. For parents who would like to talk with us, please schedule a separate time for this. 

When completing all assignments in Seesaw, please help your child navigate to the correct class. For example, PE should be posted under “KWB-PE” for those students completing PE assignments from KWB and so on for each class. Specialist classes are located on the left-hand side of your child’s Seesaw page. Tap on their picture or icon in the corner and the list of classes will appear. Students know how to do this, they just need a reminder. All posts that are not for specialist teachers should be done in your child’s class account. 

For extensions in learning, the students may always take the learning objective for that lesson and go further with it. For example, reading another book, looking for more rhyming words, making additional number bonds, adding more details and or words to their work, etc. Please also remember that is an optional resource that is available for all students if they would like to work on their math skills. 

In addition, our library also has an impressive list of resources accessible to all students.

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Warm Regards, 

Kindergarten Teachers