Author Study: Reading and Writing Unit

Reading and Writing  (Each Kindergarten class is focusing on two authors for their author study.)


Big idea: 

Writers have a voice and style that is unique. 

Writers learn from other writers.

Writing Guiding Questions:

What is voice?

How do authors use words and pictures to create voice?

How can I use voice in my writing?

What can I learn and use from this author?

What are similarities and differences in one author’s books?


Big idea: 

Readers can connect to books by the same author in various ways.

Readers read books from the same author because they connect with part of the books.  

Reading Guiding Questions:

Why do writers write more than one book?

Why do some use the same characters or pictures in their book?

How do you know when multiple books are written by the same author?

How is this author different than other authors?

How do other books this author has written connect to each other?

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