Anglo-American School of Moscow – Kindergarten

New Unit: Where we are in place and time

Next week, Kindergartners will begin a new unit of Inquiry.

The Central Idea is that people design and create spaces to meet specific purposes.

Students will dive into…

  • investigating spaces
  • how spaces are designed to meet specific purposes
  • the process of designing and creating spaces

Next week during Kindergarten Open Inquiry, students will investigate spaces around the school and observe pictures of how the school has changed over the years. Students will also have the opportunity to design spaces during this time. If you have any spare shoeboxes, toilet paper rolls, or paper towel rolls at home, please send them to school with your child beginning next week. 

Later this month, all classes will go on a field trip to visit a submarine to learn about its purposeful design.

Lots of exciting opportunities for learning ahead!

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  1. Michael Schultheis

    Submarine! Do the kids know! Way cool!

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