Dear Parents,

For the past few weeks, students have been introduced to the concept of Writing and Reading Workshop.

Our goals during this time are for students to see themselves as readers and writers and to launch our workshop through building routines that will be used as each child grows as a reader and writer this school year.

Students are asked the following questions:

  • Why do people read and write?
  • What kinds of writing do authors write?
  • How do authors write books?
  • How do people read?
  • What do people read?
  • Where do people read?

Students are building the following routines:

  • where to find the writing supplies within their classroom (e.g. markers, pencils, paper)
  • brainstorming writing ideas (e.g. things we like, things we know about, etc.)
  • building stamina by reading and writing for a longer amount of time each session
  • what to do when a teacher is meeting with another student
  • how to add pictures, words, and start a new book when one book is finished
  • how to choose books to read
  • how to read a book (e.g. read the pictures, look for letters/sounds they already know, look for words they already know, etc.)
  • how to find a reading and writing spot
  • how to read independently or with a friend
  • how to treat books

Ask your child what he/she has been reading and writing about at school!


The Kinder team