Dear Kindergarten Parents, 

We are in need of Room Parents! Please consider volunteering and helping with this important role. There will be a link to sign up in this afternoon’s Wednesday Newsletter. A class parent orientation session will take place on September 19th. Please consider signing up. We need your help! 

Our first unit of inquiry, Who We Are, is off to a great start! 

Our central idea is: “Exploring and connecting to the environment and others promotes a sense of self identity and belonging.”

Our inquiry will focus on:

  • how we develop a sense of identity and belonging
  • how connecting with others develops a sense of belonging
  • how we explore our environment in order to connect

The unit gives us a chance to get to know ourselves and each other. We hope that children come to understand that we are all alike and different in many ways and that’s okay. They will understand as well that they each belong in Kindergarten and are part of their school family.

We have also begun our first math unit of this year, Numbers 1-10. Please see below for more information about this math unit and how you can help support at home.