This week the students practiced owning their mistakes when they have accidents by saying “I am sorry, it was an accident, I didn’t mean to, are you OK?”


They also practiced telling others when something they do is bothering them. We called it De-Bugging:

-First you ignore the person

-Second you Move away

-Then you ask the person to Stop

-Next you tell your feelings firmly

-Last you go ask a teacher for help


Sharing The Planet: new Unit of Inquiry

  •   Transdisciplinary theme

An inquiry into the rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things; communities and the relationships within and between them; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution.

  •   central idea

Living things have specific needs in order to grow and stay healthy.

  •   concepts

Key: form, change, responsibility

Related: Classification, Living/ Non Living, Life Cycles, Growth

  •   Lines of Inquiry
  • Characteristics of living things
  • The different needs of living things
  • The life cycle of living things
  • Our responsibility for other living things (How we share our environment with other living things)
  • In correlation with this UOI, we will study Informational Texts in our writing and reading units.

Student-led conferences

Dear Parents

AAS Student­-Led Conferences Spring 2017

On Wednesday, March 29, students in the elementary school will be leading conferences for their parents. This is an important process for students to develop self­ confidence, reflect on their practices, and to gain a better understanding of their learning.

What is a Student­-Led Conference?

The student is in charge of the conference and will share work selected from his/her overall body of work up to this point in the school year. Student work has been compiled to demonstrate each student’s growth. The students will share the skills and knowledge they have developed throughout the year. During the conference, each student will engage parents in a variety of learning activities that they have experienced in previous units of study. Each session lasts 40 minutes, with another 20 minutes reserved for time with your child’s specialist teachers (i.e. music, art, etc.)

Why Student­-Led Conferences?

  • ●  Students are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their work, goals and their success throughout the year in developing their portfolio, which they share at the conference.
  • ●  Students take ownership over the conference; this active involvement promotes student responsibility and accountability.
  • ●  Students are able to reflect upon their learning when leading conferences.
  • ●  Conferences allow students to share their perspective on their own learning and development with teachers and parents.
  • ●  Conferences allow students to showcase their knowledge, skills, and understanding through actively participating in learning engagements.
  • ●  Conferences provide an opportunity for the students to share their learning with parents.
  • ●  Parents gain a better understanding of the classroom experience of their child.

    The student’s role

● To collect, select, organize and reflect on the items for their portfolio and to share learning experiences and to lead the conference.

The teacher’s role

● To ensure students are prepared for the conference.
● To facilitate conferences and learning engagements occurring in the classroom.

The parent’s role

●  To attend the conference with your child. It is important you are there for them.

  • ●  To ask supportive and inquiring questions. Examples of questions will be provided during the conferences if you would like to use them.

 Note: There will not be an opportunity for you to confere with teachers at this time. Should you need further information, please schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher for a future date.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.

 We look forward to seeing you all next week for our final conference of the school year.

 Kind Regards

Kindergarten Teachers

100th Day of school

On Monday, February 13th, Kindergarten celebrated the 100th day of school.

Students were put in 5 groups who then rotated through centers all related to the number 100.

Mr. Hinton read a book to start off the activities

They decorated numbers to make a 100 number display.

They built using 100 pieces of Legos or pattern blocks

They completed dot to dot pictures to the number 100

They played “race to 100” using 100 charts or dominoes

They made crown with the number 100






Much fun was had!