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“We believe that Kindergarteners are unique individuals, with a natural curiosity, who come to school with their own experiences and knowledge.They are competent, enthusiastic learners, thriving to create meaning from the world around them. We believe Kindergartners learn and establish relationships better in a playful environment. One that allows them to explore and pose problems independently and at their pace.  Children have different needs, interests and competencies, and understand the world around them through experimentation. They constantly revisit and revise their learning in view of their new experiences. We believe that Kindergartners are sensible and need to be valued, loved and accepted.”

Learning at AAS

How the World Works

Our next unit, How the World Works, is a yearlong unit. This unit is all about how the Earth’s cycles (the rotation of the Earth around the sun causing day/night, seasons, etc) cause change in living and nonliving things. Children will be talking about repetition, patterns, and cycles as well as change within the cycles. Children recognize that the repeating pattern of days and nights and the days on the calendar represent another familiar pattern.  We are noticing that the warm days of summer are quickly changing into cooler, rainy fall days. The seasons are a great example of one of Earth’s cycles.

We begin each Unit of Inquiry with a provocation–something familiar yet puzzling that makes us wonder. In order to notice the changes caused by the seasons, each kindergarten class has chosen a tree to watch throughout the year. After deciding on the tree, we will look at the tree very carefully. We will draw it adding all the special little things we see—seedpods, rough bark, new sprouts, damaged leaves. We will watch it carefully in the weeks to come, making new sketches when we see changes. We wonder what will happen? Will we see any changes? Will all the different trees change in the same way? What could cause a tree to change? Is there a pattern in the changes?

Our wonderings about our adopted trees are the provocation for this yearlong unit. We will become scientists as we investigate the changes we see and our sketches will become a scientific journal as we document our observations. Stay tuned for upcoming reports on class trees.

We will also use our regular forest walks to notice change and gather evidence and data. These will help us draw conclusions and establish patterns of cycles.


Dear parents,
High School Peer Helpers are doing a Pinktober initiative to encourage students to wear pink on all of the Wednesdays in October to raise awareness for breast cancer.
Peer Helpers in the Elementary school would like to make this a contest to see how many students (and teachers) in each class wear pink.
Wear Pink on Wednesdays!
Thank you for your support.

New Writing Unit: illustration

Big idea:  Writers use illustrations to help the reader understand their writing.

In Kindergarten, now that we have launched our Writing Workshop and children are getting more independent in their writing process, we will be starting a study of illustrations and how they are an essential part of books.

Guiding Questions:

How do illustrations help readers?

How do the illustrations help writers write the story?

What techniques help a writer show more in illustrations?

Through mini-lessons we will make the children aware of techniques illustrators use and why. Illustrators often have their define style and students will be able to find theirs.

Goal-Setting Conference

Dear Kindergarten Families,

This week the children are busy preparing for their Goal- Setting Conference on Friday. They are thoughtfully considering what their strengths are and a goal that they would like to achieve this school year. We would like to ask you, as their parents, to also think of a strength for your child. The strength can be social, academic, something they do well at home, etc. During the conference, the teacher will ask you to share at least one strength about your child prior to discussing your child’s goal(s).

As the appointments are only 20 minutes each, please come to your child’s classroom at your appointment time. If you would like to continue the discussion from the conference or want to discuss a different topic, please let the teacher know and together you can schedule an additional time to meet. This conference is for goal setting specifically. If for some reason you are not able to come on Friday, please let the teacher know a time that works for you on another day. 

Formal school uniform is required for students. 

We look forward to partnering with you and your child this year.


Flow time in Kindergarten

Dear parents,

Last week in Kindergarten, we started our flow time at the end of each day. This time is an opportunity for children to practice the learner profile traits and the four AAS impacts. Students have the choice of projects they want to pursue in any room in the Kindergarten hallway, as well as our discovery room and outdoor maker space.

Students are practicing being self-directed, socially intelligent, thinker and global minded. They are encouraged to take risks, try new things, be responsible, persistent, amongst many other things.

Activities can and will be messy and we ask that you provide a change of clothes to leave at school so the students can change before going home.

Thank you

“Who am I?” in one word






During our second Kindergarten village on Friday, the students continued to learn more about themselves and each other.

We shared in small groups about times when we showed some of our PYP learner profile attributes. We are preparing a display of our Kindergartners attributes for our hallway, inspired by Keith Harring’s work.

During our village, students traced around a peer’s body and will each have to find one word that defines themselves to put on their body tracing.


We are all writers!

Dear Parents,

For the past few weeks, students have been introduced to the concept of Writing Workshop.

Our goals during this time are for students to see themselves as Writers and to launch our Writing Workshop through building routines that will be used every time during writing time.

Students discussed.

  • why they believe people write
  • the kinds of writing that people do
  • how they believe authors write books

Students are building the following routines:

  • where to find the writing supplies (e.g. markers, pencils, paper)
  • thinking of writing ideas (e.g. things we like, things we know about, etc.)
  • stretching sounds to write words (e.g. c-a-t is the letter sounds for cat)
  • building stamina by writing for a longer amount of time each session
  • what do to when a teacher is meeting with another student
  • how to add to the pictures, words, and start a new book when one book is finished

Ask your child what he/she has been writing about!


The Kinder team