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“We believe that Kindergarteners are unique individuals, with a natural curiosity, who come to school with their own experiences and knowledge.They are competent, enthusiastic learners, thriving to create meaning from the world around them. We believe Kindergartners learn and establish relationships better in a playful environment. One that allows them to explore and pose problems independently and at their pace.  Children have different needs, interests and competencies, and understand the world around them through experimentation. They constantly revisit and revise their learning in view of their new experiences. We believe that Kindergartners are sensible and need to be valued, loved and accepted.”

Learning at AAS

Used Kitchen utensils needed

Dear parents,

The Elementary school kitchen is looking for gently used items you do not need anymore so we can start building a stock of appliances and utensils to use with children when cooking.

If you are moving or spring cleaning, and are looking for a place to donate your old pots, pans, microwave, appliances, or utensils, please think of AAS and bring it to the kitchen on the 3rd floor. You can also deliver it to room 1040 in Kindergarten.

Thank you in advance

Julie Villers

Library news

Keep your kids reading and enjoying stories!

Here are some resources that can keep you connected to our library throughout the summer.

As parents of young people, you have the ability to check out up to 15 books for the summer.  Your children in grades 3 and below are not able to check out books for the summer.  Summer checkout will begin on Saturday, 9 June, and books can be checked out to patrons with clear library accounts until the last day of school.

The AAS Library has access to:

Tumblebooks, where books are read aloud, and where you can find games and all sorts of fun activities.

Storyline Online, where famous actors read aloud their favorite stories.  The animation that accompanies it is wonderful.

PebbleGo, where students can practice their reading and find informational texts at their levels.

Brainpop, where informational videos and fun activities are available in a cool interface.

If you need to log in, the username is aaslibrary, and the password is penguins.

Some parents have also enjoyed audiobooks with their children.  See our Overdrive if you want to enjoy some favorites with your child.  If you need to set up an account with us, email library@aas.ru or come and see us.

We hope you have a beautiful, sunny summer with your child, and enjoy any reading you can do!

All the best,

The AAS Library


Kindness was the word for our village this Friday.

We started by watching this video and identify how people were choosing to be kind:


Then the students had to identify kindness in scenario we acted out before walking around to exchange with their peers times when they saw kindness.

Finally we watched this video and told the students to practice kindness this week-end:


New Writing Unit: Informational

New Writing Unit: Informational 

 Big Idea: Writers write to inform. 

Guiding Questions:

Why do writers write non-fiction?

How do writers get information for their writing?

How do writers add information to their writing?


Through mini- lessons students will become aware of….

  • What a fact is
  • Text features in nonfiction books
  • Organizing information about their topic
  • Adding facts about their topic
  • Finding information for their writing
  • Revising their writing
  • Editing their writing


Sharing the Planet

Dear Parents,

Kindergarten classes are beginning a new unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet. If you have any special interests or knowledge regarding the concepts of this unit and would like to share with the students, please contact your child’s teacher.

Thank you for your support!

Central Idea

Living things have specific needs in order to grow and stay healthy.

Key Concepts

form, change, responsibility

Related Concepts

classification, living/ non-living, life cycles, growth

Throughout this unit, the students will be inquiring into the following (Lines of Inquiry):

  • Characteristics of living things
  • The different needs of living things
  • The life cycle of living things
  • Our responsibility for other living things (How we share our environment with other living things)

How We Express Ourselves




●   central idea

Experimenting and exploring artistic tools and mediums provide opportunities for self- expression.

●  What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

  • Creativity through experimentation toward self-expression
  • Different tools and mediums
  • Connections between tools, mediums and the artist’s expression


Dear parents, teachers, and AAS community members,

The Kindergarten students and teachers are calling for your expertise. Our next Unit of Inquiry, “How We Express Ourselves”, is starting after February break and its central idea is

“Experimenting and exploring artistic tools and mediums provide opportunities for self expression.”

The emphasis is on the exploration with different artistic tools, mediums and methods and the fact that the arts are a platform for self-expression.

This is a rather abstract concept for Kindergartners and we would like to expose them to examples of various artists who could share their passion and the reason for their art.

If you consider yourself an artist in any area and with any level of expertise, and want to share your passion with the students, or if you want to share how art makes you feel and how it helps you express yourself, please email Julie Villers (julie.villers@aas.ru) and we will arrange a time for you to come meet our Kindergartners.

Examples of presentations are: a demonstration or explanation of your art, a mentoring session where you teach the children your art, the reason why you decided to become an artist, a reason why this type of art helps you express yourself,etc…

Thank you in advance

The Kindergarten team