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“We believe that Kindergarteners are unique individuals, with a natural curiosity, who come to school with their own experiences and knowledge.They are competent, enthusiastic learners, thriving to create meaning from the world around them. We believe Kindergartners learn and establish relationships better in a playful environment. One that allows them to explore and pose problems independently and at their pace.  Children have different needs, interests and competencies, and understand the world around them through experimentation. They constantly revisit and revise their learning in view of their new experiences. We believe that Kindergartners are sensible and need to be valued, loved and accepted.”

Learning at AAS

Three-Way conferences on Thursday November 22


Dear parents,

As you prepare to come on November 22 to listen to your child share about his/her learning, here are some suggestions of questions to ask your child in order to better understand their thinking. As you look through your child’s Seesaw portfolio, with your child, you can use these questions as guidelines when talking about what you see.

Conference questions:

  • What are your goals this year?
  • How can I help you achieve your goals?
  • What have you learned this term?
  • What would you like to learn that you do not already know?
  • Which subject is a challenge for you?  Why?
  • What makes you happiest at school?
  • What do you want to improve or get better at?

When looking at specific pieces of work:

  •  What do you like best about this?
  •  What did you learn from this?
  •  What skills did you use?
  •  What would you do differently on this piece?
  •  What does this work show about you?
  •  Tell me more about …
  •  What was challenging about this piece?
  •  What was easy about this work?
  •  You seem to be having a difficult time with…Why do you think that is?
  • Which piece of work are you most proud of?

When making general comments about your child’s learning:

  • What I noticed about your work was…
  • I like how you  . . . .  Keep up the good work.
  • I know you have difficulty sometimes but…
  • I’m glad you are making an extra effort in…
  • How can I help you …
  • You really surprised me when I learned you could…
  • I can’t wait to see your work in…!
  • What is your favorite time during the school day and why?
  • You seem to really enjoy…Why do you think that is?
  • Tell me what is the most important thing that you learned in . . .

Please also remember that your child should wear his/her formal uniform for the conference.

Please plan to also go visit the other teachers who teach your child.

EAL students are encouraged to go meet with Mrs. Doak in her classroom on the fourth floor. There are no sign-up for a specific time, just go up to her room. 

Call for all your recyclable loose parts!

Dear Parents,

In Kindergarten, we believe that students’ imagination and creativity can be fostered by letting them use loose parts/items in their play. Open Ended materials provide opportunities for students to play without limitations, without the constraint of specific purposes for specific objects. Open Ended materials can be changed, reused, combined, taken apart.

We would like to start collecting different items in Kindergarten so children always have choices and supplies. Students would be responsible for sorting and labeling these items in our bins. This is where you come in:  If you have at home some items that you think qualify as loose Open Ended items, please send them in with your child.

Here is a list of objects as examples:

-natural material like stones, pine cones, twigs, seashells, pebbles, etc…

-manufactured items: bottle caps, pieces of yarn or rope, bag ties, corks, cardboard tubes, fabric, buttons, beads, etc…

Thank you in advance

The Kindergarten team

Where We Are In Place And Time

Kindergartners launched their new unit of Inquiry this week.

Our Central Idea is that people create and design spaces to meet specific purposes.

We will dive into the design of spaces, how spaces are designed to meet specific purposes and the process of designing and creating spaces.

The provocation for this unit will be a major change happening in areas of our classrooms and the students having to design and create a new space.

We will go visit a submarine on a field trip to learn about purposeful design.

Students during this unit also will be given a task by Ms. Hart, which is to help design a makerspace studio for the ES!

Lots of exciting opportunities for learning ahead!

Being Globally Minded Citizens in Kindergarten

Dear parents,

On October 19th, the Kindergarten team would like to celebrate UN day (24th if the official day). This will be another way for each of us to get to know our friends better and make connections.

We are asking that on this day, your child comes dressed in their National costume or wearing their flag’s colors. No need to come in school uniform.

We would also like to sample food from each other’s countries. We ask that you send in a dish of a delicacy from your country to share for a dozen students? If you want the dish back, please label it with your name.

Because of allergies, make sure no dish contains NUTS OR FISH. 

Thank you in advance

The Kindergarten team

Snap Words, also known as High Frequency Words

Dear Parents,

Below is a list of our expected Kindergarten “snap words”. These are words that we encounter frequently when reading and writing. Some of the words do not follow regular spelling patterns, therefore are not able to be sounded out during reading or stretched out when writing. Our goal is that we will know them in a “snap” by automatically recognizing them. At school we have a word wall where we are putting the “snap words” as we focus on them. During writing, students are encouraged to use the word wall when they need to write a “snap word”.  

Please keep this list at home. You can:

  • point the words out in books for your child to see
  • have your child find the words in books
  • practice writing the words in sentences or stories
  • use magnets or stamps to practice writing and reading the words
  • mold the words using play dough, etc…

By the end of the year, students will be asked to read the words on the back of this page.

As soon as your child knows all these 25 snap words, we will introduce new ones.

List of the Snap Words:

Go                     Is                       On                      It                     Can                      In                 Do                     Me                        Up                  And                     You               Am

The                 No                   So                  An                      We                  My                           He                   Like                  To                   At                      See               I          A

IXL and Raz Kids

Listed on the AAS ES website (www.aas.ru/ES/resources) there are a variety of 21st Century Learning Resources. One of these is IXL. IXL is a math review website where students can practice at home the strategies they learn in class. IXL is optional, therefore students do not have to use the website. It is a resource that is provided if your child wants to practice math at home.

To log into IXL, please go to https://www.ixl.com/signin/moscow .

Your child also has access to Raz-kids. This is a supplementary online reading resource. This resource allows your child to read leveled books, listen to books which models good fluency and, later, even take quizzes to assess their comprehension. This is an optional resource for you to use.
Step 1: Go to www.kidsa-z.com
Step 2: Enter or choose the teacher’s username,
Step 3: Your child finds his or her username on the class chart Step 4: Your child enters his or her password, raz

Your Child’s teacher will be sending home your unique passwords to access these sites.

Any questions please ask your Child’s teacher

Goal setting conference

Dear Kindergarten Families,

This week the children will be busy preparing for their Goal-Setting Conference on Friday. They will be thoughtfully considering what their strengths are and the goals that they would like to achieve this school year. We would like to ask you, as their parents, to also think of strengths and goals for your child. The strengths and goals can be social and/or academic, something you see at home, etc. During the conference, the teacher will ask you to share at least one strength about your child prior to discussing your child’s goal(s).

As the appointments are only 20 minutes each, please come to your child’s classroom at your appointment time. If you would like to continue the discussion from the conference, or want to discuss a different topic, please let the teacher know and together you can schedule an additional time to meet. This conference is for goal setting specifically. If for some reason you are not able to come on Friday, please let the teacher know a time that works for you on another day. 

Formal school uniform is required for students. 

We look forward to partnering with you and your child this year.

About Me Box

KG’s About Me Boxes

What is it ? Our About Me boxes are small boxes, about the size of a shoebox, containing artifacts about us as individuals. These will be shared with our classmates to help them understand who we are.

Why? As a home connection this activity really helps children connect what we do at school with their home life. It also helps bring their home lives into the classroom. It also helps them make connections with other students around them.

How to do it:

Ask your child

  • What makes him or her who they are.
  • What does your child do well?
  • What is your child interested in?
  • What are your child’s favorite things to do?
  • What does your child want to learn more about?
  • What is something that would make us know your child better?

Think together of several artifacts that show your child’s special abilities and interests. Children might include a family picture, a favorite food, something they have made, or a drawing. (Please try to make the artifacts meaningful. If a child chooses to put in a toy car, it should be a special favorite.)

Choose up to 5 artifacts. If the artifact is very special or valuable, please do not send it school. Your child could bring a photograph or draw the item. Also, we understand that some of you might not have your shipments, so your child can be creative and draw or write about special items.

Place all artifacts in a shoebox-size box with your child’s name on the box and decorate it in some special way. Help your child be creative.

Send the About Me Box to school by Monday, September 17th at the latest. Children will be sharing their boxes with their classmates, so they should think about what each artifact represents and why the artifact is important in shaping who they are.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions

Julie.Villers@aas.ru, Brittany.Wiese@aas.ru, Lara.Wolf@aas.ru, Nicky.Edwards@aas.ru

We look forward to learning more about your children, your families, traditions and children’s experiences.