New G Suite Features

In case you haven’t heard Google Apps for Education(GAFE) has had a name change. It is now called G Suite.

Not to worry, the name has changed but the new and improved features just keep coming!

Two new ones that have come out recently and are well worth reviewing are the new G Suite Training Chrome Extension and the new Google Keep integration.

Firstly, the Training Extension. You can read more here about this, but the gist of the article is that Google has added a handy training tool to all of their G Suite Apps. So once you download the extension from the Web Store, you will notice that in the top righthand corner you get this icon whenever you are in a Google app. If you click on it, it will take you on a detailed tour of that app and/or give you options to learn about different features. Think of this as having your own private tutor in the app that you are working in.

Secondly, Google Keep is now an part of the G Suite apps.

This means that you can now see your notes in a Google Doc. You can even bring them over into the doc by simply dragging. This means that students can use Google Keep as their note taking app and it will fully integrate into their doc for writing a final report, for example.

You can see more about this here.

Both of these updates can be very helpful to students and teachers!