Outlook mobile app


Because we are often moving around classrooms, traveling throughout the building, or maybe even working from home, having access to our AAS email, calendar, and files on the go is often handy, perhaps even essential.

Most of us have some kind of mail app set up to get our school mail on mobile phones and/or iPads/tablets, and this might be working well for you.

outlook mobile appBut if you aren’t already using it, today I’m suggesting that you take a look at the Outlook app because it offers a few helpful possibilities that you might not yet know about.

Wired.com calls Outlook “The Future of Email” and TheVerge.com claims Outlook is “The best email app for the iPhone.”

Here’s a video overview:


Email/Calendar/Files/People all in one place!

On my iPhone, I once used the Mail app, and I liked the swipe to delete and the automatic connections with the Calendar and Contacts apps. However, I had to open/close these apps to maneuver back and forth between them.

In Outlook, all of these functions are tied into the same app. In the iOS(iPhone) view particularly, you can simply tab between them at the bottom of the screen.

Email messages in Outlook are sorted into 2 streams — Focused(generally all messages from @aas.ru addresses) and Other(messages from external addresses, and therefore probably not pressing items), which makes it easier to stay focused on the people you need to collaborate with and respond to more regularly.

The Files section gives you quick access to the documents that people have shared through attachments.

The Calendar integration is particularly convenient. When you receive a calendar invitation, you can RSVP from within the email. And when you need to propose meeting times with others, you can very easily send some options for when you are available — all without leaving this app.

Additionally, you can set the swipe left and swipe right to Archive, Mark as Read, Delete, Schedule(to arrive again later), Move(to a folder), or Flag messages. Your mail folders and rules and other various settings from Outlook on the desktop or laptop also carry over.

BTW, if you don’t have Outlook(and other Office apps) on your own laptop:
Download instructions & O365 FAQ 


Work life / Personal life separation


We can easily get overwhelmed with messages and information, so I generally like to keep my AAS email, calendar, etc. separate from my personal stuff. By using this separate app only for work, I am better able to make a clean break if I am not working at night or when I need to focus on other things. My mail and my calendars are not overlapping and are not competing for my attention.

You can read/learn more here and get links to the Apple Apps Store, Google Play, and a Windows phone download.


Adding your AAS account to the Outlook app

To add your AAS account to the Outlook app, here are a few specific details:

  1. In Settings touch Add Account and choose Exchange.
  2. Your Email Address here is lastnamefi@aas.ru(lastnamefirstinitial), e. g. carpenterp@aas.ru, and your password is your regular school mail password.
  3. If you need to enter these, the Server is owa.aas.ru and your Username is lastnamefi, e. g. carpenterp.


****Nerdy sidenote – some of you might use Sunrise, the popular calendar app from Microsoft. It is being integrated into Outlook and will be abandon at some later date.