Email team members from within your Team Drive.

The majority of AAS is now using Google Team Drives to keep teams organized and to maintain secure files. Now when you are working in the Team Drive, you will not need to switch to Outlook or elsewhere to message your team. You can email team members from within the Team Drive.

Email team members from within Team Drive (image from

New ways to comment on PDFs, Microsoft files, and images in Google Drive

If you share an image, a PDF, or a Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint in Google Drive, you can now comment on these files and reply to others’ comments as well. You simply click on the file in Drive, highlight the text or area you wish to comment on, and then add your comment. You can also click on others’ comments to reply in line.

This could be used for team collaboration or perhaps for student groups to annotate or converse about an image or document.

Provide quick feedback on the most popular file formats, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files, in the Drive preview pane. (image from

More intelligent organization and search in Shared with me.

The Shared with me view of Google Drive can be overwhelming or confusing. I think of it as a river flowing past. I can stand on a bridge above it, fish out useful items, and add them to My Drive to organize them.

Soon Shared with me will be organized by artificial intelligence that aims to predict the people and files you are most likely to search for. This machine learning should improve the more you use it.

Intelligent organization in Shared with me (image from

See who has viewed files you own or edit.

Under the Tools menu in G Suite apps, you will find Activity dashboard. This pop-up will show you when others have viewed the file. This is not meant to replace Version history, which allows you to see all changes made by other editors on the file. (Did you know that you can also name specific versions? No need to save drafts as separate documents.)

The Activity dashboard will help you decide how and when you might need to follow up with someone who needed to view the Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. Only editors of the file will see the viewers, and there will be some limitations based on how widely/publicly a file is shared.

Activity dashboard (image from

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