Google Classroom: A Fresh Start

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Start the year with a fresh view and updates in Google Classroom! Here are some recommendations, enhancements, and reminders to make this a valuable tool for students and for you.

Clean Up Last Year – *DO NOT do this for ongoing IB classes!*

  1. Return student work – This makes the student the owner of her/his work. If you want some copies of exemplary work, make your own copies just in case the assignments shared with you are deleted by the owner(the student).
  2. Unenroll students – This will eliminate the class from the student’s view of Classroom.
  3. Archive Classes – This will remove the class from your current view in Classroom. This course and all assignments, announcements, and questions will be viewable and re-usable.

New Features – more detail here 

  • Rearrange courses in the main view
  • Display class code full screen
  • See all work from a single student

 Best Practices

  • Post all assignments, even non-digital, with enough description for students and parents to understand its objective(s). This allows students and parents to be better informed. Be sure that Guardian Email Summaries is activated for all classes.
  • Use Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, PDFs rather than Word, PPT, Excel. This makes workflow more efficient for the students and for you.
  • Keep things organized(and sortable) with Topics.
  • Use the About section strategically to provide students with access to things that they will need throughout the year. Perhaps a Google Doc syllabus or link list to connect to key resources or folders of materials.