Hour(WEEK) of Code

Monday-Friday, December 7-11

Coding, aka computer programming, is increasingly recognized as a vital skill for students to acquire. College/University grads with coding ability find more success in the job market. And it is a substantial element of our effort to ensure that students are not simply consumers of products/knowledge/tech; they should be PRODUCERS!

So for the last handful of years, code.org and many others have promoted hour of code events to expose students and teachers to the possibilities of learning computer languages.

Besides learning to manipulate objects and interactions on a screen, coding offers tremendous benefits for learning that applies to many aspects of life:

  • logic
  • design thinking
  • persistence
  • creativity
  • collaboration

During our week of code, look for posters with QR codes linking to a variety of coding activities, games, and tutorials for all ages and levels of experience.

On Thursday, a CODE ZONE will be set up in the student lounge/hall of flags. Large screens will allow students or teachers to connect, try it out, and show everyone their learning and skills. Devin and Paul will be there with classes and as helpers throughout the day. You can stop by on your own, send students who are finished with other work, or bring your entire class.

In your own classroom, you can set aside a bit of time for students to code with any of these starter projects:

STAR WARS: Build your own galaxy(Blockly, JavaScript)

MINECRAFT Hour of Code(Blockly, JavaScript)

FROZEN: Draw with angles(Blockly, JavaScript)


Animate your name(HTML, JavaScript)

Make a website about YOU(HTML)

Build your own galaxy(HTML, CSS)

Most of these sites require either no login at all or can be connected easily via school Google accounts.

Please join us to help reach the goal of everyone at AAS participating in at least one HOUR OF CODE this week!!!