Tech Training Week!

Of course, you should always feel free to request any sort of support for technology integration and your own learning. But this week, we want to offer specific focused sessions to help with those topics/skills that have been identified by teachers among goals for this year.


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Your friendly tech team–Devin & Paul–will be offering a week of training sessions when we get back from break, November 2- 6th!

Each training will be offered multiple times, so find a time that works for you.  

Only 30 minutes! You won’t lose an entire planning block!

No need to let us know you’re coming. Just show up!  

All sessions will be in the MS lab #2069 and laptops will be available.

Google Drive Beginner – Transferring files from Word -> Google Docs, organization of your drive, sharing, and management strategies

Google Drive Advanced – Add-ons for different department needs, using templates and creating interactive forms and quizzes 

YouTube – Posting and accessing student work, editing, creating playlists 

Feedback – Strategies for student feedback using Google Drive connected with Google Classroom.

Each Training Session lists the name and block (letter) when it will be held.  If you can’t make a session or would like a 1:1 session, send us an email!

Tech Trainings Nov 2-6th