About the Green Committee

Eco Green Committee Mission

The AAS Green Committee aims to help achieve the AAS Mission through education, engaging experiences, and an environment that encourages lifelong habits ensuring a better planet for the future.

Our History

The AAS ECO Green Committee was founded in 2009 and has been active ever since.

The original ECO Green Committee’s members were Silver Klajnscek, Drew Alexander, Tatiana Lopukhina, Jill Wheatley, Leslie Henry, Zhenia Ivanova, Christine Maxwell, Victoria Robins, Valerie Bowler, Susanne Sternthal, Snezana Drmanic, Robert Buhler, Casey Kearse, and Todd Wohlberg.

We need to give special prominence to Silver Klajnscek, who did not spare efforts to promote green ideas in AAS by putting her time, heart and soul into the committee. The work started by Silver Klajnscek was taken over by Yvette Risk, whose devotion and enthusiasm drove the ECO Green Committee for a long time.

Thanks to the ECO Green Committee, AAS became Russia’s only member of the Green Schools Alliance. You can read an article about AAS on the Green Schools Alliance website here.

Green Life at AAS

Every year AAS holds an ECO Fair to celebrate Earth Day. The event is hosted by the ECO Green Committee and is celebrated by the whole AAS community.

There are lots of other green activities throughout AAS, including:


We have different clubs and activities devoted to eco projects in AAS in all three divisions. These clubs take place throughout the school year.

  • Elementary School has a “Green Team” club where students make posters about recycling with re-used bulletin board paper, plant and sell plants, and raise money for animal protection charities. They also make short videos about caring for our planet and met guest speakers on topics related to the environment.
  • Middle School has an elective called “Be the Change” where students lead different projects in the course of the class. The students’ projects often have an environmental theme.The most recent project was a campaign against using plastic water bottles called “Fountain of Truth”. You can see the students’ “Fountain of Truth” presentation here.
  • High School students have their own Enviro Club.  Among other projects, students lead fundraising activities for eco projects, conduct water tests, and organize an eco-social for ES students.

RECYCLING and energy saving

  • Every office and classroom in AAS has a white plastic bin for paper recycling. There are blue and green bins for bottle and can recycling all around the school. The students are encouraged to dispose of their empty bottles and cans into those bins.
  • There are tetrapack recycling bins in the faculty lounges and receptacles for used batteries in every divisional office.
  • Bathroom lights and showers are quipped with motion detectors.
  • The Maintenance Department is currently working on replacing all water taps with motion detectors


  • Most of the water fountains around the school are equipped with a tap for easily filling reusable bottles and mugs. The water in school is tested on a regular basis and is absolutely safe to drink.
  •  There is also a water cooler at the end of the serving line of the Cafeteria.
  • Healthy and safe food is a topic of interest to everyone. Every day, the AAS Cafeteria encourages our students to eat healthy foods. They have bought their own mill for making whole-grain flour and are baking fresh bread for our community. Hot dog buns are made with 30 per cent homemade whole-grain flour.

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