A Beautiful Planet: explore the Earth in a film showing in Moscow

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A Beautiful Planet
US | 2016 | Cert. U | 43 mins
Director: Toni Myers
Jennifer Lawrence narrates this
documentary which looks at life on the
International Space Station (ISS) as well
as exploring our ever-changing planet
from a remarkable distance. Onboard
the ISS, we observe a number of teams
of astronauts embarking on missions.
This footage is intercut with spectacular
views of Earth as we bear witness to the
extraordinary effects the environment
has on our planet.

Discussion prompts

Talk about it
What do you imagine life as an astronaut to be like?
There are seven continents of the world. How many can you name?
How many countries do you think exist on planet Earth?
Discussion points
• What did you think of the visuals in A Beautiful Planet? Have
you seen images like this in a film previously? How would you
describe how Earth looked from this distance?
• What impact did the inside and outside scenes have on you as a
viewer? How do you think the filmmakers wanted the audience
to feel?
• Make a list of the different skills required to be an astronaut
based on the range of activities that they undertook in the film.
• The documentary doesn’t follow any particular story – what
did you make of this approach? Is there any element which you
would have liked to see more of?
• What’s the difference between natural and man-made
environmental events? Consider moments in the film such as
thunderstorms, droughts and light pollution. What category
would these fall into?
• What is global warming? Can you think of examples of global
warming in everyday life?
Write about it
Bring your ideas together in a review and share it on our Into Film
clubs’ website. You could include a summary of the story, mention
other films that it’s similar to, describe what you particularly liked or
disliked and give it your star rating.
Extension Activities
Discuss in groups what actions we can all take, as individuals and
communities, in order to better care for the environment. What
obstacles are there? How can these be overcome?

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