Meet Wendall – AAS’s Adopted Whale Shark


As a result of the AAS Eco Green Committee’s #LoveNotesForWhaleSharks Auction, we  raised enough funds for the adoption of a whale shark, who has been nicknamed “Wendall”.

Wendall is likely a pregnant female whale shark, and she may live 60-120 years. First sighted in 2014, Wendall has been sighted eight times in the Philippines and is likely to be a regular visitor there in the future. Anyone going to the Philippines this summer, be on the lookout for Wendall!

Wendall is an ambassador for the species, and our support of over 100 researchers and volunteers across the globe collaborating through Wildbook for Whale Sharks will help us learn more about the lifecycle of this rare species and find ways to better protect them. For example, birth and mating have never been witnessed. Data from pregnant females like Wendall may help identify critical whale shark nurseries for protection.

You can always see everything we know about Wendall by clicking here.

Whale sharks are the world’s biggest fish! Whale sharks are currently listed as a vulnerable species; however, they continue to be hunted in some parts of the world for fin soup!
The Wildbook for Whale Sharks is a photo-identification database of whale sharks. The Wildbook uses cutting-edge software and photographs of the skin patterning behind the gills of each shark, and any scars, to distinguish between individual animals.

The Eco Green Committee will receive updates whenever Wendall is resighted in the future.

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