What birds tell us about threats from climate change….

World Birds Day is approaching! With April 2nd around the corner, here is a bit of information on the state of the world’s birds, the threats they face, and what we can do to become more aware and help. Click on this link to see how birds are being affected by climate change.

Across species and habitats, birds show us climate change is already a threat.

Emperor Penguins struggling as sea ice disappears; Keel-billed Toucans moving farther up mountain slopes towards suitable climate; Worthen’s Sparrows plummeting in abundance due to warming temperatures. Research on birds’ response to climate change emphasizes the impact of distribution and range shifts to date, and that taken together, climate change poses more dangers than it provides benefits.

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Despite the significant ways climate change will threaten birds and people, there is hope.

BirdLife International is at the forefront of efforts to implement interventions that safeguard healthy ecosystems and mitigate further warming. The benefits extend beyond birds; the nature-based solutions BirdLife Partners implement worldwide deliver benefits for communities.

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