Role of teacher

Teachers will:
• have an understanding of the purpose and requirements of the exhibition from the outset of the process
• initiate, facilitate and guide the exhibition process; teachers should facilitate the process of the exhibition rather than teaching directly, with the exception of particular skills and/or knowledge that is required in order for the students to proceed with their chosen inquiry
• provide support for student inquiries, enabling students to overcome any problems encountered in the process
• plan collaboratively with other teachers
• communicate regularly with students, parents and other participants
• act as mentors as required or appropriate
• develop essential agreements with students regarding academic honesty to ensure that they are taking responsibility for their learning and being principled in the resources they are using; mentors and parents should be informed of these agreements
• encourage students to use a balance of primary and secondary sources; help students to access information; and ensure they know how to cite sources used in research
• ensure the participation of all students by considering their interests, accommodating learning styles and needs, and by determining prior knowledge
• empower the students to feel able to take action as a result of the exhibition
• assess the exhibition process ensuring all the essential elements are included
• keep detailed records of the processes involved including ongoing reflection
• encourage and join in with students to celebrate their learning.