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Exhibition Sites.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, students presented all their hard work from Exhibition. Each group created their own website.
Please find the list and links here.

Climate Change-Killian, Nastya, Daniel, Trace
Poverty-Ian, Alexandre, Ola, Maryam
Pollution Affects Animals-Eva, Eun Chae, Antoni
Clean Energy-Leo, Alex & Sanaya
Plastic Pollution-Etamar, Tereza, Yanxi, Emily
5BL, Istvan, Arni, Alexei, Diane, Emma, Juliette, Vicky, Iefke Alex, Laura, Aidana, Aislin, Sofie
Your Health, Your Wealth – Axel, Rosalie, Naomi
Save the Ladies – Eva, Angie
Monstrosity of Poverty – Cleo, Aaron, Philippe
Solution to Pollution – Sophia, Mart, Noyan, Michael
Cohors Medicus – Ivan, Kinda, Derin
Paws Protection League – Jiuru, Laura, Christina
Future- Giulie, Mikael, Maya
Child Rights Society-Sarah, Sophie, Ani, Nick
MARS-Rares, Aran, Minjun 
Virus Stoppers-Csoban, Lion, Ryan
Water Changers-Mary, Lukas, Ernest
Animal Rights-Alya, Charlotte, Sophia, Miriam

Growing and Changing

Tomorrow, we will start our last UoI unit. It is about growing and changing. A letter is attached giving a brief overview of this unit.

Students will watch a video tomorrow that explains how their bodies will be changing as they enter puberty. They will need to ask questions. On Thursday, they will need to sign up for a small group discussion with a teachers. Boys will be meeting with a male teacher and girls with a female teacher.

Letter to parents.

Distance Learning Second Half

We are moving right along with our distance learning. Both teachers and students have gone through a steep learning curve and we are becoming more efficient at using our online platforms.

Friday, we experienced some problems with uploading and viewing teacher made videos. Thanks to Mr. Carpenter and Ms. Hart, we believe we have found solutions.

We are uploading all our videos to Youtube and then sharing links with students. When students watch a Youtube video there are often suggested videos. We will encourage students not to watch those. Feedback from other schools has been that it distracts students from the intended learning.

What’s Happening Next Week

Dear Parents,

PYPX: This week students heard from many guest speakers: AAS community members from the Peace Corps, Tom Grove, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal, Irakli, a surgeon living and working in Moscow. We discussed how to do deeper research and how prompts and sentence starters can help us do that. Finally students have been divided into their PYPX groups created around the issues they have expressed interest in.
Next week we will develop lines of inquiry to guide our research. Students will make mind maps to see what they can do now, and they will make concepts questions to go deeper into their research.

Math: We continue to work with multiplying and dividing fractions. Please find helpful math tips G5 Unit 4 Topic D Newsletter, G5 Unit 4 Topic E Newsletter and G5 Unit 4 Topic F Newsletter.

Coronavirus Information and Resources: As a part of our school’s ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, AAS is committed to keeping our community informed. Please visit the Coronavirus Resources and Information Page for daily updates, and instructions.

Next Week: Please be advised that next week there is no school for students on Monday, March 9, and Tuesday, March 10. Students are expected back in school Wednesday, March 11.

Swimming: The pool is closed and students will be doing dry land workouts. Please bring appropriate clothes for that.

Happy upcoming International Women’s Day & enjoy your weekend!
Best regards,
Grade 5 Team

What’s Happening Next Week

Dear Parents,

Math: We will continue multiplying fractions. Students are expected to be modeling their thinking so they develop the deep conceptual understanding.

Literacy: Our reading, writing and speaking is tied to Exhibition. Student will be exploring how we alter our language depending upon the audience.

PYPX: This past week the students have started learning about PYPX. We talked about the Key Concepts, students received their PYPX binders, and began learning how to collaborate and work with each other. We heard from our first guest speaker, Ms. Chantal, what a changemaker is and continued this discussion in class. Students are learning how to document their research and create a bibliography with the help of MyBib. Next week we will continue diving into PYPX. Monday, several former Peace Corp volunteers will come in to talk about their actions. We will be choosing topics and forming groups. This is a very important week. Please check in with your child to see what they have been working on.

Best regards,
Grade 5 Team

What’s Happening the Week after Break

Dear parents,
Here’s our weekly update:
UoI: This week students have finished their research on the history of the technologies they chose. Their finished timelines now decorate the Grade 5 hallway and classrooms. Stop by to take a look!
Language: Over the week students have practiced and presented their speeches in their classrooms. Today nine selected students presented their persuasive speeches in the Bolshoi. Here are the issues that our Grade 5 speakers chose for their presentations: Animal Cruelty, Renewable Energy, Responsible Consuming, The Necessity of a Universal Right to Education, Water Pollution, Wildfires, The Dangers of Smoking and Gender Equality. Congrats and well done to all students who put in their hard work and created speeches on issues they feel passionately about! Here is a link to the the Kids Talk.
PYPX: After break, we will be starting our work on PYPX. During the first week students will learn about PYPX expectations, talk about self-management strategies, sharing ideas and collaborating in groups.

We will have a parent meeting about Exhibition and the expectations on Friday, February 28 at 8:00 AM in the Community Room.

Have a wonderful break!
Best regards,
Grade 5 Team

What’s Happening This Week

Dear parents,
Here’s our weekly update:
Math: We are working on Unit Four ‘Multiplication and division of fractions and decimals’. You can find helpful math tips for the new unit G5 Unit 4 Tips for Parents, G5 Unit 4 Topic E Newsletter. The focus continues to be on a deep conceptual understanding of what happens when we multiply and divide fractions.
Language: We are discussing what makes persuasive speech effective (what is characteristic of the introductions, conclusions and paragraphs in between?). Select students will be presenting their speeches at a KidTalk at the Bolshoi Theatre next week. We recommend watching these videos for inspiration: What’s Wrong with Our Food System, Try Something New for 30 Days & What Adults Can Learn from Kids. We will continue reading historical fiction.
The 7 Habits: Mrs. Hinton visited our classrooms this week to talk about the ‘7 Habits of Happy Kids’ to start preparing our students’ mindsets for their work during PYPex. PYPex will be starting right after we come back from our February Break. Feel free to take a look at t7 Habits Poster that names the habits we discussed and continue the discussion at home.
This week, Grade 5 classes will be visiting the Lights of Moscow museum.We will continue examining how technology advances and how it impacts society. Also, Russian and French classes will have field trips as well.

Best regards,
Grade 5 Team

What’s Happening This Week

Dear parents,
Here’s our weekly update:
1. Math: We are working on Unit Four ‘Multiplication and division of fractions and decimals’. You can find helpful math tips for the new unit G5 Unit 4 Topic B Newsletter, G5 Unit 4 Topic C Newsletter and G5 Unit 4 Topic D Newsletter. The focus continues to be on a deep conceptual understanding of what happens when we multiply and divide fractions.
2. Language: In class we are working on creating, editing and practicing our persuasive speeches. Students have picked topics that they have a strong opinion about and selected materials for research. Soon we will be presenting our final speeches in class and selecting the speeches that will be presented at our KidTalk.
3. UoI: In our UoI unit, ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’, students have been working on technology timelines, exploring what technologies were invented throughout history. They are selecting technologies, the histories of which they are going to individually research. The active vocabulary for the new unit can be found here. Students will be researching how we got to now.
Best regards,
Grade 5 Team

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