Dear G5 parents,
Here is how next week will look like;
12th October Monday: Day 2b (Day 2, Week b)
13th October Tuesday: Day 3b
14th October Wednesday: Day 4b
15th October Thursday: Day 5b
16th October Friday: Day 6b

Distance Learning Next Week

All students will be learning daily through synchronous online lessons with all of their teachers. The only session that will not take place is swimming. If your class has swimming scheduled next week, you’ll have extra information about it on your child’s class schedule.

Important Dates:

Saturday, October 10 – Last day for Mug Competition Design submissions to the PTO

October 12 to 16 – Distance Learning for all students.

October 19 to 23 – Autumn break – No school

November 26 & 27 – 3 Way Conferences (Parent-Student-Teacher)

What’s Happening in 5th Grade?
Unit of Inquiry: Unit 1 – How We Organize Ourselves. If you want to chat with your child about what they learn during UoI Unit 1, this resource would be a good place to start; Vocabulary for Unit 1 – HWOO

Literacy: Please remind your child that reading is an expectation every night – including weekends and holidays. A minimum of 30 minutes is recommended.

Math : Unit 1 – Place Value and Decimal Fractions – Please check the parent newsletters for Math Unit 1; Math Tips for Parents, Topic A, Topic B, Topic C, Topic D, Topic E, Topic F

We wish you a great weekend!

G5 Team