Dear G5 Parents,

Next weeks schedule is as follows;

28th Sep Monday: Day4a, Huddle A on Campus
29th Sep Tuesday: Day4a, Huddle B on Campus
30th Sep Wednesday(Late start): Day5a, Huddle A on Campus
1st Oct Thursday: Day5a, Huddle B on Campus
2nd Oct Friday: Day6a, Huddle A on Campus

MAP Begins Next Week
In the coming weeks, our students will take the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment which will provide our teachers with another view into your child as a learner. The children will take three tests; Math, Reading, and Language Usage.
This is not an assessment that your child can study for. In order to help your child do their best, please ensure that your child gets enough sleep and eats a healthy breakfast before starting the school day. According to the testing schedule, we’ll have the testing sessions in the morning, that’s why it is very important that your child arrives school on time.

You will receive information about your child’s performance on the MAP assessment after all students have completed the tests.

There will be MAP assessment make-up dates in between the scheduled dates for those students not able to attend on the days listed above. All MAP testing, including make-ups, will conclude on October 15th. Families who are not in Moscow or in quarantine will be contacted regarding “home MAP assessment procedures.”

Yearbook Photos
Starting next week, and for the next three weeks, AAS students and staff will have their photos taken in the Mally Theatre.
These portraits will be included in the AAS Yearbook and will be used for school access badges.
Parents and classroom teachers have been informed about the details on the date and time of each child’s photo.
AAS will be taking all of the necessary safety precautions during photo days. There will be no group photos due to social distancing requirements. Students will only take their masks off briefly to take the photograph.

Don’t forget! Formal uniforms are required for school photos.

We wish our students and families a great weekend!