Dear Grade 5 Parents;
We have finished another week, we all worked hard and deserved a nice weekend.

Below please find some information about next week;

21st Sep Monday: Day2a, Huddle B on Campus
22nd Sep Tuesday: Day3a, Huddle A on Campus
23rd Sep Wednesday(Late start): Day3a, Huddle B on Campus
24th Sep Thursday: Goal Setting Conference Day
25th Sep Friday: Goal Setting Conference Day

Student Goal Setting Conferences: Students will share with their parents and teachers their academic, social and/or organizational goals for the semester. We look forward to seeing you together with your child via webex meeting.  A few reminders about the Goal Setting Conferences;
-Students should wear their formal uniforms (or appropriate attire if they do not have their formal uniform yet), even though the meetings will take place from home, as this supports the formal nature of these conferences.
-Meetings will include students in the center and the conversation will focus on settling in, goals and strengths.
-Meetings should be up to 20 minutes, as the teachers will be following a schedule to meet other students and parents.
-Please reach out to your homeroom teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

What’s Happening in Grade 5:
UoI: Unit 1 – We will continue working on Unit 1; “How We Organize Ourselves”. The HWOO Vocabulary Practice is here.
Literacy: Unit 1 – Launching Literacy. We are getting to know our students as readers and writers.
Math: For the last two weeks, we have been working on the Stanford Youcubed Math Program . We will start our first math unit next week, Unit 1 – Place Value and Decimal Fractions. For further information please check the followings; Math Tips for Parents, Unit 1 – Topic A, Unit 1 – Topic B

Have a great weekend!