Hi dear parents of Grade 5;

We completed the first week of hybrid learning, and it was great to have our students back on campus. The school is not the same without them.

One quick reminder; When your child is on the day when he/she is learning from home, please make sure they are following their class schedule and logging in to their class.

Here is the calendar for the next week;
14th Sep. Monday: Day 6, Huddle A at school
15th Sep. Tuesday: Day 6, Huddle B at school
16th Sep. Wednesday: Day 1, Huddle A at school
17th Sep. Thursday: Day 1, Huddle B at school
18th Sep. Friday: Day 2, Huddle A at school

Important: Starting from this week, we will have late start on Wednesdays. The instruction in classes will start at 9:15 am.

Here’s the overview of what we are working on in Grade 5:
Unit of Inquiry (UoI): We have started and will be working on Unit 1; “How We Organize Ourselves”. The HWOO Vocabulary Practice for the unit is here.
Math: We have started Stanford Youcubed Math Program last week and will be working on it next week as well. This program helps students with very important messages like; “everybody can be successful at math, it’s not about being a math person but studying effectively”, “challenges and making mistakes are good for our brain, they help us learn and grow”.

Literacy: We are and will be working on our 1st literacy Unit, Launching Literacy. We are getting to know our students as readers and writers.