On Monday and Tuesday of this week, students presented all their hard work from Exhibition. Each group created their own website.
Please find the list and links here.

Climate Change-Killian, Nastya, Daniel, Trace
Poverty-Ian, Alexandre, Ola, Maryam
Pollution Affects Animals-Eva, Eun Chae, Antoni
Clean Energy-Leo, Alex & Sanaya
Plastic Pollution-Etamar, Tereza, Yanxi, Emily
https://sites.google.com/aas.ru/waterpollutionsite2020/home-Mete, Istvan, Arni, Alexei
https://sites.google.com/aas.ru/anti-smoking-squad-site2020/addiction-to-smoking-Colin, Diane, Emma, Juliette
https://sites.google.com/aas.ru/miavickyiefkefoodissues2020/home-Mia, Vicky, Iefke
https://sites.google.com/aas.ru/s-a-a2020/s-a-a-stray-animals Alex, Laura, Aidana
https://sites.google.com/aas.ru/savingtheworldcom2020/home-Dasha, Aislin, Sofie
Your Health, Your Wealth – Axel, Rosalie, Naomi
Save the Ladies – Eva, Angie
Monstrosity of Poverty – Cleo, Aaron, Philippe
Solution to Pollution – Sophia, Mart, Noyan, Michael
Cohors Medicus – Ivan, Kinda, Derin
Paws Protection League – Jiuru, Laura, Christina
Future- Giulie, Mikael, Maya
Child Rights Society-Sarah, Sophie, Ani, Nick
MARS-Rares, Aran, Minjun 
Virus Stoppers-Csoban, Lion, Ryan
Water Changers-Mary, Lukas, Ernest
Animal Rights-Alya, Charlotte, Sophia, Miriam