Dear Parents,

Math: We will continue multiplying fractions. Students are expected to be modeling their thinking so they develop the deep conceptual understanding.

Literacy: Our reading, writing and speaking is tied to Exhibition. Student will be exploring how we alter our language depending upon the audience.

PYPX: This past week the students have started learning about PYPX. We talked about the Key Concepts, students received their PYPX binders, and began learning how to collaborate and work with each other. We heard from our first guest speaker, Ms. Chantal, what a changemaker is and continued this discussion in class. Students are learning how to document their research and create a bibliography with the help of MyBib. Next week we will continue diving into PYPX. Monday, several former Peace Corp volunteers will come in to talk about their actions. We will be choosing topics and forming groups. This is a very important week. Please check in with your child to see what they have been working on.

Best regards,
Grade 5 Team