Dear parents,
Here’s our weekly update:
UoI: This week students have finished their research on the history of the technologies they chose. Their finished timelines now decorate the Grade 5 hallway and classrooms. Stop by to take a look!
Language: Over the week students have practiced and presented their speeches in their classrooms. Today nine selected students presented their persuasive speeches in the Bolshoi. Here are the issues that our Grade 5 speakers chose for their presentations: Animal Cruelty, Renewable Energy, Responsible Consuming, The Necessity of a Universal Right to Education, Water Pollution, Wildfires, The Dangers of Smoking and Gender Equality. Congrats and well done to all students who put in their hard work and created speeches on issues they feel passionately about! Here is a link to the the Kids Talk.
PYPX: After break, we will be starting our work on PYPX. During the first week students will learn about PYPX expectations, talk about self-management strategies, sharing ideas and collaborating in groups.

We will have a parent meeting about Exhibition and the expectations on Friday, February 28 at 8:00 AM in the Community Room.

Have a wonderful break!
Best regards,
Grade 5 Team